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Green Gift Guide: 10 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Green Gift Guide: 10 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Green Gift Guide: 10 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Are you looking for green gift ideas? If you have an earth-loving family member with a birthday on the horizon or want to start conjuring up a holiday wish list that doesn’t harm the environment, Pela has you covered. Not only do these gift ideas keep plastics out of the soils and waterways, but they are backed by a pretty fantastic, sustainable company whose mission is even bigger. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, Pela supports organizations across the globe who are as committed as you are to helping the Earth. 

Ready to say so long to plastic? Here is the ultimate green gift guide, including 10 sustainable gift ideas — all brought to you by Pela’s various product lines. We know you’re going to love our line-up. And so will your friends and family members.

#1 Zero-Waste iPhone 13 Case

Clear Floral Vines iPhone 13 Case With Lavender Ridge

Featured: Clear Floral Vines iPhone 13 Case With Lavender Ridge

Know someone who got themselves the latest iPhone model? Present them with an iPhone 13 case to help protect their device. But don’t settle for just any old plastic phone case that contributes to our growing e-waste problem and spends hundreds of years in a landfill, slowly breaking down and leaking into our oceans and waterways. Choose the Pela Case instead!

Pela is known for compostable phone cases. Made of our bioplastic blend of flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer, Pela offers the world’s first sustainable, zero-waste phone case. And choosing a compostable iPhone 13 case will make you and them feel good. 

If they choose more practical, neutral colors like Starlight, Midnight or Graphite, select from one of Pela’s vibrantly colored phone cases in Stormy Blue, Sage Green or Lavender to offer them a pop of color. However, if they adore their new Pink, Red or Sierra Blue, chances are they don’t want to hide it away. Instead, give them Pela’s transparent case, featuring a rigid back and impact-absorbent edges (also available in multiple colors), allowing them to still showcase their phone. 

Round out the gift with a few of our other phone case accessories, like our adjustable Pela Grip and the Pela phone card holder, a pocket that sticks to the back of the phone case and keeps two IDs or credit cards close at hand. 

Don’t forget to give them a bottle of our zero-waste Canopy liquid screen protector, too! This way, if their screen cracks while wearing a Pela Case (excluding Slim) and the Canopy screen protector, we pay for the phone repairs. Each vial is enough to cover up to three screens, including a phone, smartwatch and more. They can even use it to cover an iPad if they choose. 

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Of course, for those who lean more toward Android phones, we have those as well! Check out all our eco-friendly phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

#2 Protective AirPods Cover

Black AirPods Pro Case

Featured: Black AirPods Pro Case

If your special someone loves to listen to music and podcasts on their AirPods, boy have we got the perfect sustainable gift for them. Take a look at our AirPods cover, made of our signature Flaxstic material with the very same soft, buttery feel and compostability as our phone cases. 

Our AirPods cases offer all of the same sustainability features as our phone cases and are built to take on whatever life throws at them. These AirPods cases can withstand drops, dings and scratches, whether they are out for a morning run or off on a great adventure. Plus, our AirPods cases come with a convenient and secure keyring, which can be attached to a belt loop, purse or a set of keys. 

Choose an AirPods case or AirPods Pro case to match their Pela phone case, too, offering two gifts in one. Or just select from one of our many colors something that suits their style, taste and personality. 

#3 Comfortable, Sustainable Apple Watch Bands

Stormy Blue - Vine - Watch Band for 40/38mm Apple Watch

Featured: Stormy Blue - Vine - Watch Band for 40/38mm Apple Watch

For those who prefer a more minimal approach to tech and sport the Apple Watch, a sleek, compostable band makes an amazing sustainable gift. Discover Pela’s Apple Watch bands, also made of our signature Flaxstic material, offering a soft, lightweight feel that’s comfortable on the wrist. Yes, these watch bands are even a great gift for guys who worry about rubbing or snatched hairs.  

Plus, our Pela Vine bands are offered in numerous colors to lend a stylish flair to someone’s wardrobe, from a bright golden Honey to our fan-favorites, Lavender and Sage Green. For those who are more active and tend to get their hands dirty, offer them our darker Black or Clay Vine hues to minimize dirt stains. Of course, Pela Vine bands are easy to clean.

Our Apple Watch bands are super easy to attach, too. Designed with a quick-release magnetic clasp, they can swap out their new band there and then, without needing a single tool. Even if they already have a Vine band, you can get them one in a different color so they can coordinate with outfits and special occasions.  

Whatever Apple Watch Vine band you choose to give them, they will love being able to display their values on their wrist, telling everyone how much the earth matters. 

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#4 AirTag Holders

Lavender AirTag Holder

Featured: Lavender AirTag Holder

Apple’s latest innovation, the AirTag offers a disc-like design that can help you track just about anything, from your car keys to your squirrel-chasing dog. However, you have to secure it inside an AirTag holder to attach it where you need it. So if you know someone who loves the new AirTags (or maybe even wants one: hint, hint), don’t forget to get them an AirTag holder, too. 

Pela Case offers AirTag holders in several colors: Black, Green, Lavender, Terracotta and Stormy Blue. Choose something that matches their current phone case or Apple Watch band. Like other Pela phone cases and tech accessories, our AirTag holders are made of Flaxstic material, offering a comfortable feel while saying no to single-use plastic products. 

#5 Indoor Compost

Pela’s Lomi composter

Pela’s Lomi composter is a wonderful sustainable gift idea for gardeners, home cooks and even apartment or condo dwellers. What does Lomi do? With the push of a button, Lomi uses heat, abrasion and oxygen to transform compost into nutrient-rich dirt in only four hours. 

Lomi is also super easy to use — even kids can do it! All you do is fill it with your food scraps, coffee grounds or even your Pela phone case. Then, you choose the setting you want to use and push the button to break down the waste inside. Once Lomi is done, use the soil in your garden beds, indoor plants or throw it into the garbage. 

Compact, odor-trapping and beautifully designed, you can even keep it out on the kitchen counter. The carbon filter keeps odors from lingering in the home and a stainless steel bucket — which holds three liters of waste — fits in the dishwasher whenever it needs a more thorough cleaning. 

Know someone who could use a composter? Preorder a Lomi today!

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#6 Vegan, Zero Waste Body Care

Vegan, Zero Waste Body Care

Know someone who enjoys their self-care days or only approves of natural, vegan body care products? Then check out our body care line, Habitat Botanicals. Habitat offers shampoo bars, conditioner bars, deodorants, body wash and lip balms that are free of plastic wrappers or bottles and the packaging is totally compostable. 

Each body care product is totally plant-based and offers a toxin-free formula. Habitat is also ethical and Leaping Bunny Certified, which means it’s a thoughtful gift for vegetarians, vegans and animal lovers who prefer to use cruelty-free products. 

Furthermore, Habitat Botanical body care products are made fresh daily. This means that your gift will arrive completely fresh, having been made within three days before shipping directly to you. 

#7 Plant-Based Poop Bags (and Holder!) 

Plant-Based Poop Bags (and Holder!)

If you have a friend or family member who recently adopted an energetic new puppy or has had a faithful companion for years, take a look at our Barxby products. Perfect for dog lovers and earth lovers, Barxby offers sustainable poop bags so you can clean up after your doggo without hurting the environment. 

Barxby plant-based dog poop bags are thick and heavy-duty, too. After lots of tests to ensure they will never leak or break down into nasty microplastics (like many sustainable bags do), you can rest easy knowing you’ve found them the best sustainable dog poop bag there is. Plus, it has 15 scent-free bags a roll and a recyclable cardboard core. 

Complete this sustainable gift idea with the bag holder dispenser, too. Each bag is made of premium Pela Leather, a faux leather that is wear- and water-resistant. Free of harmful plastic-based fabrics like polyester, nylon, PVC or Velcro, Barxby’s Poop Bag Holders are just as earth-friendly as the bags it carries. Simply attach it to your dog’s leash with the metal carabiner and pull a bag through the window opening when Fido is done with his business. Plus, one roll of Barxby poop bags is included. 

#8 Plastic-Free, Non-Toxic Dog Grooming Kit

Plastic-Free, Non-Toxic Dog Grooming Kit

Another great green-friendly gift for dog lovers is Barxby’s dog grooming kit. Just like our Habitat Botanicals body care brand, Barxby swaps out the single-use plastic containers often found for dog shampoo with soap bars. Plus, there are no harmful chemicals here — only good-smelling, natural soap to take away that wet dog smell or other funk. 

Each dog grooming kit saves six plastic bottles from polluting the planet. What’s included? Two shampoo bars, a bamboo brush and a bamboo box to preserve the shampoo bar between uses.  

#9 Sustainable Sunglasses

Sustainable Sunglasses

Say so long to acrylic sunglasses and eyewear that take too long to decompose and leave microplastics and harmful chemicals in the soils and waterways. Instead, choose eco-friendly sunglasses as a sustainable gift for someone who appreciates fashionable eyewear. 

Based on a 3rd Party Life Cycle Assessment, each pair of sunglasses is made using 33 percent less CO2e emissions and 34 percent water usage. Plus, they use 82 percent less waste than conventional sunglasses and packaging. And because these sunglasses are made by Pela, a Climate Neutral Certified and BCorp Certified company, you are furthering your contribution to the earth. Supporting sustainably-minded companies such as ours means there’s so much more being done behind the scenes after you’ve made an eyewear purchase. Plus, Pela believes in a Circular Responsibility Economy. What does that mean exactly? Well, once you’re done with your eyewear, you can return the old frames and lenses where we will recycle or upcycle them into new products. 

These sunglasses will also keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Each pair of sunglasses offers full UVA/UVB protection. One really great feature of our eco-friendly sunglasses is that they are compatible with prescription lenses or even Pela’s own blue light filtering lenses. And with several timeless styles offered, you can offer them a gift that is both sustainable and fashionable enough to go with countless outfits made from their capsule wardrobe. 

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#10 Eco-Friendly Blue Light Glasses

Eco-Friendly Blue Light Glasses

Know someone who spends hours of their day staring at a digital screen? Then take a look at our eco-friendly blue light glasses, a perfect sustainable gift idea for those who are constantly working on laptops or reading smartphones. Since overexposure to our screen’s blue light waves can lead to long-term health effects like disrupted sleep patterns and depression, Pela’s blue light glasses are here to help protect the planet and the eyes. 

Choose between the Sulu and Bonito eyewear styles for a timeless yet fashionable look that works with all sorts of outfits. Plus, like Pela Cases and Sunglasses, they can be returned to use for a graceful closed-loop cycle with our 360 program, where they’ll be recycled or upcycled. 

Choose Pela for a Sustainable Gift Idea

We don’t mean to brag, but we think Pela has the best sustainable gift ideas you’ll find — hands down. From the world’s first and only compostable phone accessories and eyewear to even an at-home compost that can create soil for a backyard garden, Pela has spent lots of effort to make eco-friendly products more accessible to our Earth-loving friends. 

So why not make our products more accessible to your Earth-loving friends, too? Present them with one of these 10 sustainable gift ideas. They’ll love the extra thought and be a part of our mission.

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