Plastic-Free, Easy-Apply Screen Protector

Plastic-Free, Easy-Apply Screen Protector

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About This Product

The ultimate sustainable screen protector. Canopy is Pela’s innovative alternative to traditional, wasteful plastic screen protectors. This product comes in a reusable vial and has enough liquid to protect up to 3 phones from crack, scratches, and breaks. For more information on how to apply click here.

*This product is not compatible with non-water resistant devices (iPhone 5/5s and older and Samsung S7 and older). If you are unsure if your device is compatible, please contact our customer service team at

This Canopy Screen Protector comes with a 1 year Screen Replacement Guarantee with the purchase of a Pela Case! (excluding Slim Cases and iPad Cases)

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100% Happiness Guarantee

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Protects & Preserves Our Oceans

Pela donates a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives.

Zero-Waste & Food Safe

Unlike traditional screen protectors, Canopy comes in a reusable glass vial and our liquid is entirely food safe. No nasty stuff here!

Screen Protection Guarantee

If your screen cracks while wearing a Pela Case (excluding Slim) AND our liquid screen protector, we'll pay for the repairs.


1 Canopy = Protects Multiple Devices

Just 1 vial of Canopy contains enough liquid to protect up to 3 phones. You can also use Canopy to protect tablets, Apple Watch glass, or even camera lenses!

Innovative Technology

Canopy protects against scratches, drops and impact. It’s oleophobic (helps with finger smudges), fits every screen size you can think of, and it is fully Pela Case and other case compatible.

Protect Your Phone and the Planet


How it Ships

While we pride ourselves on FREE shipping in Canada and USA and very cheap shipping to most of the planet, what we really stand for is minimal packaging. Every product that ships out goes out in the minimum amount of packaging required to get the items to their destination safely and securely. No more, no less.
855 Reviews


Mónica O.Verified Buyer
You might be skeptical about this ;)

At first, I doubt buying it due to it's high price but got a sale so decided to give it a try! After using it, you don't see any difference in the screen so I just trust it will work if my phone falls ;) But great to know that pela will be willing to pay a screen replacement if I use pela case+liquid screen protector.

Candace K.Verified Buyer
Saves the screen!

My daughter raves about this product and I can see why. Her kids have dropped her phone more times than I can count and not a scratch! This time it went on front AND back for even more protection.

Rob H.Verified Buyer
A great phone case

There's too much plastic in the world, right? So it makes sense to avoid it when you can. Pela's cases feel different to other cases I've had, but for just as well. Plus no plastic, happy days.

Tammy P.Verified Buyer
Liquid screen protector

I love this. We’ve been using this for a few years. I would never go back to the glass or plastic screen protectors. This is so much better, I’ve dropped my phone, no cracks or scratches. This is stuff is amazing.

ElizabethVerified Buyer
Great Alternative!

Product was super easy to apply, my screen is very clear and smooth still. I can’t speak to the protective power because I’m not willing to risk testing it. But, the look of my phone has greatly improved vs using a standard screen protector.

Liz B.Verified Buyer
Great protection!

I’ve dropped my phone a few times and have never had any issues with screen cracks or damage of any kind!

RebekahVerified Buyer
Great product

This screen protector was easy to apply. Fortunately, I have not dropped my phone yet but it seems to help prevent fingerprints.

johannaVerified Buyer
No more breakdowns trying to apply a screen protector

I bought this a few months ago and I can say it is so worth it! Super easy to apply and you don't have to worry about dust or bubbles. The only thing was since the product is temperature sensitive the first two orders that arrived had gone solid. However Pela was really kind and helpful and made sure I got a new one.

Kathie S.Verified Buyer
The best

Love it. So easy to use and apply. Protects my screen well,(I drop my phone a lot). Have been using on the same phone for 4 yrs I think and have just had to re-apply a few months ago. Can’t tell there’s anything on the screen.

Angelica G.Verified Buyer
Pleasantly surprised

I was not sure about this but it was so easy to apply, no smell and no residue on my phone So far it’s been protective