Black Pela Grip

"I love how smooth and soft it is! And the fact that they help the planet is the main reason why I decided to get this case!" - Rachel R.

Black Pela Grip

"I love how smooth and soft it is! And the fact that they help the planet is the main reason why I decided to get this case!" - Rachel R.
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About This Product

Never lose grip on your iPhone again with our 100% compostable and plant-based, Pela Grip. With a comfortable and adjustable loop, this little lifesaver secures firmly to your Pela Case and protects your phone from accidental drops. It also does double-duty as a stand for horizontal viewing on the go. Now you can grip and stabilize your device with ease - no more shaky selfies!

Not compatible with Wallet Cases or Card Holder.

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Protects & Preserves Our Oceans

Pela donates a % of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives.

Inspired by Plants

Made from flax shive and a plant based biopolymer create the base for our compostable cases.

Screen Protection Guarantee

If your screen cracks while wearing a Pela Case (excluding Slim) AND our liquid screen protector, we'll pay for the repairs.


How it Feels

Pela Grip loops securely around your finger to hold your phone in place—perfect for all your adventures. Outside of being able to protect your phone, the next most important thing is how a case feels in your hands!

Protect Your Phone and the Planet


How it Ships

While we pride ourselves on FREE shipping in Canada and USA and very cheap shipping to most of the planet, what we really stand for is minimal packaging. Every product that ships out goes out in the minimum amount of packaging required to get the items to their destination safely and securely. No more, no less.


The Pela Case is made of Flaxstic®, which is comprised of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. Our material has been tested to be safe and free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead and is verified to meet child safety standards in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our base material meets U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN 13432) standards for composting in an industrial composting facility and has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic. It can also be left to break down in a home composting environment.

68 Reviews


E S.Verified Buyer
Great grip and stand

Very sleek and comfortable grip sticks on to case very well, great as a grip but also a phone stand. Dropping my phone much less. Allows you to hold your phone with one finger and carry other items.

Tyrae D.Verified Buyer

I’m a chronic phone dropper. My husband has been wanting me to get a heavier duty case so I don’t break my phone. I swear the thing flies out of my hand and into rocks/stone/cement all on it’s own. I haven’t once dropped my phone since getting the Pela case and grip! I’ve had them on my phone for a month now and it has stayed firmly in my hand! Highly recommend for anyone who is a chronic phone dropper like me.

Femke M.Verified Buyer
So great

The grip is IDEAL. I love it, don’t want to go without it anymore!

Nigel H.Verified Buyer
Strong and stylish

I'd been looking for a replacement as my last one had fallen apart, and I was keen to find one that was eco-friendly. My Pela grip is exactly what I was looking for with a strong secure attachment to my phone and looks great.

Linda C.Verified Buyer
Phone Grip

This grip has made carrying my phone a total breeze. I do not fear dropping it at all and I like how it flattens out when I put it in my back pocket. Definitely recommend this phone grip!

Gail K.Verified Buyer
NIce add on

I wasn't sure I needed this but it does add security to the grip, is a nice little stand and helps my phone stay put. Plus I liked having one more splash of color. Glad I got it.

Heather K.Verified Buyer
Great grip!

Pop sockets have never been a strong enough hold for me. They ALWAYS come off. The Pela Grip is super strong, matches my Pela Case, and is nice and flat when not in use. I'm so glad I ordered one this time.

RachaelVerified Buyer

Love this grip. So easy to carry my phone around and feels so secure on my hand. Just the easiest grip to use. Also, the reason I'm writing the review. I switched phones but had JUST bought a Pela case and grip only about a month ago. Probably not recommended, but I carefully peeled the grip off my old case, and stuck it on my new one (pressed and held for awhile to try and secure it well) and it's actually holding up really well! We'll see if it stays on long term, but so far I can shake it around and doesn't budge. I think it would be amazing if they sold an adhesive replacement so that when you replace your phone case or switch phones, you don't have to dispose of the old grip. Would be even better for the environment!

Kim L.Verified Buyer

These are super handy, very useful to have your screen turned horizontal without ever having to hold it <3

AmyVerified Buyer

Perfect for holding, standing up the phone and not too chunky either.