It’s time to break free from the plastic phone case. Pela offers the first compostable iPhone 5 case, sustainably produced using plant-based materials. Each of our iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 5S cases and iPhone 5 SE cases is designed to break down in any standard compost without any toxic chemicals left behind. A little bit more plastic stays out of landfills and waterways and the chemicals stay out of the ground — simple as that. 

A compostable protective case is only good if it actually keeps your phone safe, of course, so we’ve engineered our iPhone 5 cases to give your device a sturdy defense. After all, the better you care for your phone, the longer it’ll last you and the more electronic waste you’ll eliminate from the endless cycle of phone replacements. That’s why every iPhone 5 case from Pela is designed with a grippy and soft material to help prevent drops, plus robust drop protection for when it does happen. 

Each one of us can do a little bit to help the environment, and at Pela, we love to make it easy to believe in something better for your consumer choices. We offer a full selection of styles for our compostable iPhone 5 cases, including iPhone 5S cases and iPhone 5 SE cases, with gorgeous colors and breathtaking engraved nature designs. Click on any product to get started finding the compostable phone case of your dreams.