Make plastic obsolete and choose to go green. Explore Pela’s sustainable iPhone 13 Mini case, designed to be compostable and free of harmful dyes and toxic plastics. That way, when you choose to upgrade your phone, you can rest easy knowing there’s one less piece of e-waste in the landfill and less microplastics in our oceans and waterways. Completely compostable and able to break down in weeks, not months or years, with a unique blend of Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers, Pela phone cases are incomparable and unmatched.  

Pela’s phone cases are not only made of sustainable materials, but are rock solid, too. Built with extra protection and safe to use with our liquid screen protector, our protective cases can keep your iPhone out of the landfills, reducing permanent landfill waste entirely. Explore countless colors and styles with beautifully executed designs meant to inspire your earth-loving self and choose from an array of colors and hues. Plus, customers love our soft, grippy texture that slides oh-so-smooth from a pocket or purse.  

If being a conscious consumer is your thing, our iPhone 13 Mini case is the perfect phone accessory. Looking for another case for the iPhone? Check out our compostable iPhone 13 Pro Max, too.