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Plastic Free July

Pela Customer Reviews

Over 1,000,000 people have switched to Pela

Discover why customers can't get enough of Pela Cases! Dive into a collection of over 50,000 testimonials and real customer photos showcasing their love for our eco-friendly phone cases. From the stunning designs to the durable construction, customers rave about the quality, functionality, and environmental benefits of Pela Cases. Join the growing community of eco-conscious Pela fans who prioritize style and sustainability.

  • Switched from bulky plastic cases after 10 years!

    No case I have ever owned for an iPhone has been such a conversation starter and given me the bragging rights I have. I get to tell everyone I have this protective (yes I've dropped my phone from about 4 feet to concrete in it, not on purpose!), stylish, and the best part, compostable! I mean what's not to like!

  • Love these cases!

    My little girl has dropped my phone so many times but it has been protected by my Pela case. The texture makes it kind of grippy which is good. And most importantly it’s compostable. Love that there’s no plastic in the packaging!! Great brand!!

  • Overall Great Purchase

    Absolutely wonderful color, texture, and flexibility. This case matches my turquoise iPhone 11 perfectly which is exactly what I was hoping for. On top of that, their customer service team was excellent and answered my questions very quickly. I would recommend these cases to anyone looking to reduce their waste and/or in need of a replacement case.