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Your March Eco Editorial | International Women's Day

Your March Eco Editorial | International Women's Day

Our Top Sustainable Swaps for International Women's Day!

International Women's Day is here — a day to celebrate and recognize the wonderful achievements of women around the world. One way you can directly support women is to support their businesses! Here are a few sustainable swaps from some kick-ass women-led brands that will leave a lasting impact.

We only feature brands we can get behind. In other words, you can rest assured that all of the pieces handpicked below will fit your shopping cart’s high standards. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.


1. Proclaim

| Shobha Philips

Why You’ll Love Them | Made From Earth-Conscious Materials, Ethically Made In LA, Packaged With Love (and Sustainability) In Mind

Our Pick
 | Everyday Bralette

About the Brand
 | Proclaim is an inclusive nude lingerie line made in Los Angeles from earth-conscious fabrics. Founded on the principles that fashion should represent all women and can be made in a way that does good for people and the planet, Proclaim is expanding the definition of Nude — one ethically made bra at a time.


2. Well Kept

Founders | Natalie Farrell & Emilie Johnson

Why You’ll Love Them | Zero Plastic, Women Owned, Cost Effective

Our Pick | Safety Razor in Rose

About the Brand | Well Kept’s staple product — the safety razor — may seem intimidating at first, but it really isn’t! With it’s single sharp blade, the safety razor provides a close shave while reducing irritation. The brass handle is made to last, reduces plastic waste, and is more cost effective over time. Not only are the blades and razor completely plastic-free, but the blades as well as packaging are all recyclable. Say hello to a better, more sustainable shave.



3. Sheertex

Founder | Katherine Homuth

Why You’ll Love Them | Ethically Made in Montreal, Quality Made, Second Chances Collection 

Our Pick | Classic Sheer Tights

About the Brand | Say goodbye to disposable. Say hello to tights that last. Humans have walked on the moon—so why did tights still break at the first sign of bad luck? Founder Katherine Homuth was fed up with old-fashioned, disposable hosiery, so she set out to make the toughest tights in the world. Sheertex tights are ethically made in Montreal, 10x stronger than steel, unbreakable in human hands, and antimicrobial & water resistant. Plus, Sheertex uses the extra material from their production process to make new products like masks, headbands, scrunchies, and underwear!


4. Saalt

Founders | Amber Fawson & Cherie Hoeger

Why You’ll Love Them | Certified B Corp, Medical Grade Ingredients, Women Owned

Our Pick | Saalt Cup

About the Brand | A clean period, and a happy planet! Saalt believes reusable is the future — that’s why they only create high-performance products that are healthy for you and the planet. They keep toxins out of our ecosystems and our of our bodies by meticulously monitoring their supply chain, and sourcing high-quality medical-grade materials. With Saalt, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, convenience or safety!


5. Habitat

Founder | Hannah Christian

Why You’ll Love Them | Plastic Free Packaging, Cruelty-Free, Vegan

Our Pick | Coconut Vanilla Deodorant

About the Brand | Free from harsh chemicals, irritating ingredients, and animal products, Habitat Botanicals bath and personal care products live up to your high ethical standards and will blow you away with how well they work. The Coconut Vanilla Deodorant is handmade using local, vegan ingredients and will keep you smelling fresh all day long.


6. Able

Founders | Rachel Ward & Barrett Ward

Why You’ll Love Them | Transparent, Organic Clothing, Repurposed Shipping Materials

Our Pick | Rose Relaxed Sweater Tunic in Tan Marl

About the Brand | Able is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. They’re deeply devoted to quality, both in the products they make and quality of life they aim to provide. They believe in progress over perfection, and while they may not be perfect, they are perfectly transparent — starting with displaying their wages to the public. Able has been making huge strides in sustainability using recycled mailers, repurposing shipping boxes, and switching to cloth dust bags.





Founders | Georgia Hilton

Why You’ll Love Them | Organic + Fair Trade Ingredients, Reusable Packaging, Women Owned

Our Pick
 | TONIC Gut Health + Cellular Hydration

About the Brand
 | FLVC was created out of the belief that now more than ever it’s important to take care of both our bodies and mental health. Research has shown that a healthy gut can help ward off bacteria and viruses, and help communicate with the brain through nerves and hormones which maintain general health and wellbeing. Their Gut Health + Cellular Hydration Tonic provides the body with natural electrolytes and probiotics aiding in digestive health and energy flow — all created with accredited, organic, and fair trade sources.



And we couldn't forget about Pela... While we're not founded by women, we have an incredible roster of women-leaders on our team!


8. Pela Case

Women Leaders | Kate Wilson, Willy Chim

Why You’ll Love Us | 100% Compostable, Climate Neutral, B Corp

Our Pick | Women of the World Case Collection

About the Brand | Pela is the creator of the world’s first fully compostable phone cases! Rather than buying a phone case destined for the landfill, buying a Pela case lets you accessorize and protect your phone without the guilt of all that extra plastic. Once you are ready to switch up the look of your phone case, toss your old one in your home compost bin and wait a few months for it to transform into nutrient-rich compost!




9. Pela Vision

Women Leaders | Kate Wilson, Willy Chim

Why You’ll Love Them | Biodegradable, Full UVA/UVB Protection

Our Pick
 | Sulu Sunglasses

About the Brand
 | The Pela Vision ‘vision’ is to reduce the amount of plastic waste created by the sunglasses industry. One of the most commonly lost items is sunglasses, and most of us can identify with the gut wrenching feeling of realizing your shades are still enjoying the beach when you are already an hour away. Pela Vision sunglasses are made from biodegradable materials that won’t last centuries in a landfill. 




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