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Why You Need to Start Composting at Home

Why You Need to Start Composting at Home

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As awareness of our impact on the environment increases, more and more people are turning to home gardening. Regardless of whether you’re maintaining a small windowsill herb garden or a full-blown outdoor oasis, you’ll eventually need some fertilizer. For most people, this is going to come from compost.

While the process can be entirely avoided by purchasing premade fertilizer or compost from your local gardening store, it’s far more efficient to create your own compost at home. In fact, there are a variety of benefits to crafting your own compost, and not all of them are obvious!

Reduce Waste

On average, Americans waste over 300 billion pounds of food! All of this trash piles up. The plastic bags clog landfills and break down slowly, oozing harmful microplastics into the environment as they fade away.

Composting prevents this. Instead of throwing that old banana peel in the trash, you recycle it! The more you compost, the less you’ll ultimately throw away. This naturally translates to fewer garbage bags and more nutrient-rich soil. Impressively, Lomi’s innovative technology even allows it to break down approved bioplastics.

While larger options are available, only Lomi can break down bioplastics. Moreover, the lower cycle length of Lomi encourages more frequent usage, which makes up for its compact size.

Save Money

Another benefit of crafting your own compost is the ability to skip a trip to the gardening store. While commercially produced compost brands are available, they’re often packaged and sold in pricey, massive bags. You may end up straining your wallet just as much as you’ll strain your back trying to carry the bag inside!

Compost is finite. It should be replaced or replenished at least once a year. Commercially produced compost costs around two to five dollars for a small bag of consumer-level product. A larger or more focused bag may even run you twenty dollars or more. If you have a larger garden, the costs will add up quickly. Even small gardens may eventually end up costing more than they’re worth.

With Lomi, you can continually create your own compost. For $499, you can easily enter the complex world of composting. Our filters help you create the perfect balance without all the guesswork, and the results are consistent.

Raise Awareness

For people with families, composting is a wonderful way to engage children in hands-on learning. Teaching youngsters ways to give back to the earth and maintain its beauty is essential. Composting is relatively simple; waste is turned to nutrient-rich soil over time. Children can easily interact with and aid in the composting process by adding their own scraps.

If you’re in a particularly small space, such as an apartment, or simply don’t have a yard available, there’s no need to worry! With Lomi, your kids (or adult pals) can marvel at the natural process from your countertop. Lomi’s small size, intuitive filter system, and one-button interface makes it easy for anyone to start composting, regardless of their level of experience.

Grow Fantastic Food at Home

At the end of the day, one of the biggest benefits of composting is the end product. Compost can be mixed into soil to speed up plant growth and improve the overall health of your garden. For anyone looking to save money with a home garden, this is a massive bonus. The ability to recycle what would otherwise become waste is not only eco-friendly and economical, it’s delicious!

There are a wide array of ways to create compost. Traditional methods take months or years, while more modern solutions will only take a few days. However, only the Lomi composter can produce useful, nutrient-dense compost in two days or less. Unlike other products on the market, Lomi doesn’t just dehydrate your scraps into dried out compost-tofu-blocks; Lomi actually breaks down your food waste. As a result, you’re left with true, immediately useful compost.

This rapid turnaround empowers you to grow more high quality food for your family. From tomatoes and potatoes to fruit trees, Lomi’s compost is the stuff that plants crave and need to grow. While units haven’t shipped yet, they start going out in January 2022. You can reserve your Lomi today. 

If you’re particularly eager to start your gardening journey, you can place your order today and start getting your plants ready. You’ll be able to have a thriving garden up and running, complete with exquisitely composted soil, before Spring even begins!