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Why We're Shipping with Amazon

Why We're Shipping with Amazon

Pela has partnered with Amazon for distribution.

If you're ordering a case form the US, AUS, or the UK/EU, there's a pretty good chance (90%) that your case is going to come from an Amazon warehouse. 

The upside of shipping with Amazon: 

1. Your cases get to you faster! When we were shipping everything from Canada, it could take a long time. 

Sometimes orders would take 3-4 weeks to get to you. That's a long time to leave your phone naked and unprotected. 

2. All orders have a tracking number. When we ship with Amazon the orders are tracked with no extra charge to you! When we ship from Canada, we're using Canada Post which doesn't include a tracking number. 

3. Less go missing. Since there's no tracking number there's not the same level of accountability. We once had an entire days worth of cases go missing! Without a tracking number, they were just lost. 

This caused some serious delays and upset customers. :( 

4.  Most importantly we're reducing emissions. Think of every single case flying solo from Canada to AUS or the UK. It just doesn't make a lot sense.

By using Amazon as a distribution house. We can ship all of our cases at one time in one box reducing overall emissions.

5. We're encouraging frustration free packaging. We apply for frustration free packaging every week just to prove a demand and show we're serious about cardboard only! 

The downside of shipping with Amazon: 

1. They occasionally place the case in a plastic bubble mailer. 

I will say this is a rarity. It happens in less than 1% of all cases being sent, but it does happen. 

We're doing the best we can to ensure that it doesn't. 

Our dreams: 

Our dream is to ship completely naked. No packaging at all. Just a phone case with a label on it. 

We're not sure how well that'd work out, but we're going to be sending our first naked case out in June. 

If this guy can send naked potatoes, why can't we send a naked phone case? 

We'll keep you updated on how it goes, but the real question is whether or not they'll allow me to label this shipping option as "send nude."