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Plastic Free July

50 Eye Opening Documentaries About the Planet that Might Just Change Your Life

50 Eye Opening Documentaries About the Planet that Might Just Change Your Life

How many times has a movie changed your life? Or at least your perspective? 

For some people, movies are what you watch when you want to escape reality. For others, movies are where you can go to uncover reality.

In my life, I have seen a lot of people shift and change after watching a documentary. I’ve seen people changing their eating habits, their spending habits, their political views and how they treat other people and other living creatures.

Food Inc Documentary [Meat Vegan Vegetarian]

Photo from Food Inc.

A good documentary will stay with you for days, a great documentary will create more questions than you can find answers for and a powerful one can provoke a change in your life.

As I was thinking of a list of documentaries I’ve seen that have inspired me to think of my impact on the environment, I decided to crowdsource a nice long list of recommended films from people who are all on their own journeys toward living a zero waste, eco friendly and a more considerate and compassionate lifestyle.

See the full list below and their trailers—FYI This list also features series (so prepare to binge!)

The Question: “What are the best documentaries you’ve seen that you would encourage others to watch that are environmentally/nature oriented?”

Full List A-Z

A Plastic Ocean

A Sea Change

Addicted to Plastic

An Inconvenient Truth

Bag it

Before the Flood 


Black Fish

Chasing Ice




Demain (English Version Available)

Earth From Above

EARTH FROM ABOVE (Trailer) from AVF on Vimeo.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fed Up

Food Chains

Food Choices

Food Inc 


Fork Over Knives



How to Grow a Planet

Inside the Garbage of the World


Just Eat It

Living on One Dollar


Mission Blue

No Impact Man

Nos Enfants Nous Accuseront

Planet Earth

Planet Earth II

Plastic Paradise

Racing Extinction

Seeds of Death

Shop Till You Drop

Forget Shorter Showers

Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion


Taste the Waste

The Cove

The Human Scale

The Ivory Game

The Minimalists

The Story of Stuff

The True Cost

This Changes Everything



What Would Jesus Buy



Even I haven’t seen half of these but excited to take some time to dig in! Thanks to the Facebook Group Journey to Zero-Waste for being an awesome source of all things eco-friendly, waste reducing tips and sharing their journeys of conscious living.