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THE App For Ethical Shopping

THE App For Ethical Shopping

This blog originally appears on Sustainably Chic written by Natalie Kay Smith. Reposted with permission. Photos feature our eco-friendly iPhone Plus case in Ocean Turquoise.


Most of the questions I receive from readers have to deal with which shops are considered 'sustainable' or 'ethical' & which ones are not. Well, those are tough questions because you have to take a lot into account - also, there are too many brands for one single person to retain all information about standards of production. With Good On You, shoppers are able to find ethical ratings in the palm of their hand on over a thousand brands! {much quicker than waiting on me to respond to a DM, right?} The ratings are created based on how they treat the people, planet & animals. They go in depth on research making sure to provide you with the best information possible - even taking into account over 50 certifications a brand can hold. Then, the brand receives a score from Great to We Avoid so it's easy to determine if you want to support at first glance. Don't you love when all the research is done for you? I know it makes my life less complicated! Good On You is truly one of the easiest ways to find out if a brand aligns with your ethos.  



So how does it work? Good On You is offered internationally for both iOS & Android. Download the app from your usual app store, and start checking out how brands are rated. You can search for ones you are curious about, discover similar brands you already love, find great deals {we all love this!} & even send a message to a brand complimenting their work or giving them an honest critique. Another cool section of the app is their News column which acts much like a blog. Here they ask important questions like, "How Ethical Are Birkenstocks?" or offer you great tips like, "How to Recycle Your Old Cosmetics". Pretty awesome, right?! Good On You is going to be your next best friend ;) You'll get lost in it for the first few hours, that's for sure. So much great information! 

Learn more about the brains behind this great app. 


Love it already? Get your download on now. 

Happy Ethical Shopping Conscious Ladies {& guys - they do menswear, too!} :D

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