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ROAM x Pela Case Collaboration

ROAM x Pela Case Collaboration

We are so excited to officially announce our collaboration with ROAM! 

ROAM's mission is to "Put adventure into the pockets of millions." They want to create joy and inspire curiosity. They want people to stretch and travel outside of their comfort zones to explore and engage with the natural world. 

If you love nature, adventure, and are often referred to as having wanderlust - our latest case is just for you.

We partnered with ROAM because they share our personal love for the outdoors and sacred spaces.

Having a healthy planet is just as much about clean air and water as it is about healthy conditions to play! Surfers need safe and clean oceans to surf. Skiers need snow to ski. So many of our outdoor sports and hobbies depend on a healthy planet. 

ROAM creates world class stories, and they feature people doing great things in the world.

You can read their latest interview with our co-founder Matt Bertulli

We were so happy to be a part of ROAM's latest feature Surface with Ben Thouard.


Prior to Surface we loved their short film with Travis Rice and Ian Walsh called Lines to Hawaii.

In the movie, they took micro-plastic ocean samples every 100 miles and the discovery was shocking. 


LINES TO HAWAII from ROAM Media on Vimeo.

When in the ocean plastic breaks down into teeny-tiny bits. It's especially dangerous for marine life where it's often confused for food.

There are so many small ways that we can lessen our dependence on plastic, we know that phone cases is only one small area, but this is where we're starting and working our way to more! 

Here at Pela, we believe in clean oceans for everyone to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the films and check out our new line with ROAM.