Pela x steep & mellow

September 21, 2021

Here at Pela, we love to partner with brands that share our belief to provide products that are empowering, supporting both people AND our planet. We are excited to announce the collaboration with the sustainable adaptogenic tea company steep & mellow for Self-Care September! We reached out to Meg Pederson, the founder of steep & mellow to design a case collection that honors taking care of yourself and the planet. We sat down with Meg to dive a little deeper with this young, female business owner and her brand steep & mellow.

“We are disrupting the tea industry by providing a solution to the ever-growing plastic pollution problem that the nylon tea bag is causing.” 

Meg Pederson, a recent university graduate, established steep & mellow while stuck at home in quarantine. Her company was born out of the desire to create something of her own and her newfound love for adaptogens and their many health benefits. If you are wondering what adaptogens are, steep & mellow defines them as “adaptogens hear what your body is calling for and support it against various stressors like high blood pressure, anxiety, and fatigue.”  Meg describes starting her business during the pandemic as bittersweet. “On one hand, being confined to my living space meant little to no distractions from the outside world. I was able to focus solely on developing the products and branding. However, being confined to my homemade things was difficult. Not being able to take certain meetings in person meant that we had to adapt and be resourceful on how we would explore new business opportunities virtually.”

Growing up, Meg witnessed her parents build businesses together and this is the foundation and skill set that allowed her to become an entrepreneur. Meg explained “I wanted to create something to help people. I truly believe that everything we do is a byproduct of what we choose to nourish our bodies and minds with.” Meg’s advice for young women entrepreneurs is “to be bold, be brave, and don’t hold back.” 

Steep and Mellow’s four values are Integrity, Innovation, Inspire and Impact. “We want to directly impact the daily lives and routines of our customers by giving them what they need to unlock their full potential. Beyond this, we want to continue to make our mark on the world by providing the only functional teas in completely compostable packaging. We are disrupting the tea industry by providing a solution to the ever-growing plastic pollution problem that the nylon tea bag is causing.” For our collaboration with Pela, we printed steep and mellow’s groovy tea box designs on the cases. Meg is excited to partner with us because “Pela is a brand that we have always looked up to for its commitment to being a mission-driven brand. When we were creating steep & mellow’s guiding values, we looked to Pela for inspiration because of how much we admire what you do as a company.”

The steep & mellow collection artwork comes from their Green Tea and Chamomile Tea boxes. When you buy the GROOVE or DREAM case, you will receive a steep & mellow tea sample (while quantities last). Make sure to follow steep & mellow on Instagram and to check out the teas on their website.