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Matching Phone Cases for Couples: 11 Case Ideas

Matching Phone Cases for Couples: 11 Case Ideas

Matching Phone Cases for Couples: 11 Case Ideas

One of the most fun things about being a couple is sharing things that remind you of happy times together. Sometimes simple things can bring you closer, so why not make each other smile with matching phone cases?

How To Find Matching Phone Cases?

If you have an iPhone 14 and your partner has a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you may wonder how to find matching iPhone and Android phone cases. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a pair you like if you look for a company that offers a large selection of high-quality cases for the most popular phone brands. Pela case makes compostable, plant-based phone cases in an amazing variety of textures and patterns. With options for Apple, Samsung, and Google, there are designs to suit every situation, from a business meeting to a night out on the town. Read on for ideas that will help you find the perfect match.

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Idea 1. Choose a Color

Do you share a favorite color with your partner? If so, look for cases that match. You can create a mellow mood by choosing matching pastel cases in blue, pink, beige, green, and lavender. To make a subtle statement, pick out matching cases in hues that remind you of the sunrise. Maybe you’d like to celebrate your love with a brilliant display of bright and nearly neon tones. You can also go with a simple black-and-white design or the natural look of an earth-toned case.

choose a pattern

Idea 2. Choose a Pattern

Patterns can say a lot about how you and your beloved see each other, and fun designs can make every day special. If you share a love for quirky, modern styles, you might express yourselves with a peppy orange and coral floral print that looks right at home on the beach. If you and your partner like walking through a meadow strewn with little white flowers on a cool spring morning, you can pick phone cases that manifest that feeling. If you both smile when you see cat prints or smiley faces, you can find designs that channel your shared sense of humor.

Idea 3. Choose a Texture

One of the best things about being a couple is being close to each other. There’s nothing like wrapping each other up in sweet hugs and kisses. Every time you take a call, a phone case with a subtle, textured engraving can remind you of that warm, fuzzy feeling your partner gives you. As you trace your fingers over the design, whether it’s mountains, waves, honeycombs or sea turtles, you’re bound to think of your next adventure together. Whether you go to the farmer’s market or run along the beach in the ocean breeze, the texture of matching soft-touch phone cases can remind you how good it feels to be a couple.

Idea 4. Choose a Theme

What do you and your partner dream about doing together? Would you love to ski down snowy mountains, hike through a verdant green pine forest or tour the wild west in a Volkswagen bus? Perhaps you adore spending your time together stargazing, curling up on the couch to watch sci-fi classics, or volunteering at the local animal shelter. To celebrate your love, pick matching phone cases with a theme that complements your greatest passions. Your phone cases can showcase a vibrant celestial array of planets and stars or show brilliantly colored images of tropical ocean life. Cases with cute animals can remind you how good it feels to be kind to one another.

Choose an Element

Idea 5. Choose an Element

If you enjoy sharing little things with your partner, pick a motif that will be just for the two of you. Phone cases decorated with flowers, ferns, birds, and butterflies can remind you of the love you cultivate and enjoy every season of the year. Perhaps you both share a fascination for the octopus or find yourselves charmed by mushrooms in all their frilly, fungal glory. Matching phone cases decorated with an element you both enjoy will surely bring smiles to your faces.

Idea 6. Choose Your Style

As a couple, you may love visiting museums and galleries and decorating your home in high style. If you and your partner are bound by a passion for art and design, you might express your joy with a blue marble pattern, vibrant pop-art swirls or groovy optical checkerboard squares. If your tastes are more painterly, you can choose cases that inspire your shared creativity with lovely translucent watercolor or creamy, abstract brushstrokes. Or capture the bold energy of your feelings with graphic, high-contrast line art, geometric patterns and photo collages that show contemporary flair.

Idea 7. Choose the Perfect Scene

Are you looking for phone cases to take to a ballgame or to carry while you grab coffee? Do you want to celebrate a holiday or get in the mood for a party? Why settle for a single phone case? You can capture the changing scenery of your lives with matching phone cases.

For example, choose snowflakes, pine cones, and fir trees to celebrate the holiday spirit all winter. Pick cases with perfectly imaginative sunset scenes to remind you of the mountain camping trip you took last fall. Or check out the psychedelic swirls that make you imagine dancing together at an outdoor festival.

Coordinate Your Cases

Idea 8. Coordinate Your Cases

Coordinating phone cases pair complementary patterns in the same color. For instance, if you both carry yellow gold cases, yours could be engraved with flowers while your soulmate’s case is engraved with bees. Alternatively, you could choose cases with the same pattern but in different colors. Cases that complement one another can create a singular expression of togetherness.

Idea 9. Get Closer With Personalized Clear Cases

When you want to carry around a precious memento of your relationship, celebrate your love with a clear case that is perfect for keeping sentimental treasures close. You can customize your case to your heart’s delight by inserting stickers, poems, foiled designs, pressed flowers, favorite symbols, or fabric scraps between the case and the phone. If you want to commemorate the moment you met, got serious or got married, you can customize phone cases with pictures. You can print out two copies of a favorite photo and place one underneath each case. This way, the images will remind both of you of how wonderful it is to be together.

If you share a favorite spot at a park or restaurant, put its logo on your phone cases to remind you of the great times you spend with each other. If you both saved your ticket stubs from the opera, you can copy them and place them under the case to commemorate an unforgettable romantic night out. Whether you make a collage or fill the space under your case with inside jokes or secret codes just for the two of you, you’ll want to cut the image to fit inside it perfectly. Just make sure not to cover your camera lens, so you can continue capturing wonderful snapshots of daily life. When you choose clear cases, matching your designs is only limited by your imagination.

Idea 10. Match Your Outfits

You and your partner will look cute when you choose matching phone cases to complete your outfits. You can also coordinate your phones, accessories and shoes. For a laid-back vibe, wear jeans and T-shirts and grab brightly illustrated cases with a retro feel.

Idea 11. Match Your Moods

Phone cases are a great way to brighten your moods. Bold, cheerful phone cases can be an exuberant expression of your feelings for each other. You can also express quieter, romantic sentiments with softly toned palettes. Or contemplate the deeper mysteries of love with deeply saturated images that highlight beautiful landscapes and the celestial firmament.

Share Your Love

Share Your Love

Most of us use our phones to engage with life in a way that feels like second nature. We almost always have our phones at hand, whether holding them or having them ready on a desk, in a purse or in a pocket. Like so many people, you and your partner use your phones to express yourselves every day, so why not carry phone cases that reflect life’s best and most significant parts?

Find the Perfect Earth-friendly iPhone Cases for You and Your Loved One

Celebrate Your Love for the Planet and Each Other

When choosing phone cases for you and your partner, the design and materials you select say a lot about how you relate to the world and the people around you. Choosing an iPhone 14 case or any phone case made from compostable materials shows that you’re a thoughtful person who contributes to a sustainable future. Plant-based phone cases make a caring statement, and Pela Cases are here to help you express love, joy, and togetherness every day while protecting the environment.


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