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In Season Meals for December

In Season Meals for December

You know that you should be buying in-season produce, but you're not quite sure what to do with it?

FEAR BE BANISHED! I've rounded up some of my favorite vegetarian recipes. They're perfect for making in large batches so you can cook once and eat twice or even three times.

Breakfast and lunch are both on the go recipes so you can take them on the road to work or school.

How many times am I going to say, 'The holidays are officially here!!"? I'll try and limit it for your sake, but I look forward to holiday brunch every year and find in-season citrus fruits to be the bright spot in what could be a bleak time of year. If you're looking for a fancy weekend breakfast that doesn't take too much effort, you've to check out these crepes

If you're looking for something you can take on the go then you've got to give these citrus scones a try.

The salads are out and soup is in. Well, even MORE soup is in, and I've included a toasty sandwich because I can't turn down a good toasty sandwich. 

This Nordic winter soup with pearled barley sounds like the perfect thing to sip at the office. Pair it with a roasted squash and feta grilled cheese and I think you have a perfect meal. 


Want to switch up your soup routine? Check out this gnocchi with winter vegetables. What I like about this recipe is you can sub out any winter veggies that you like. 

Instead of buying a pack of gnocchi in a plastic package you can easily make your own! It works great with leftover mashed potatoes too. 


I am very excited about tackling a gingerbread house this year! I used to always buy gingerbread kits but stopped because it involves A LOT of plastic.  This year, I'm going to hit up the candy store with all those bulk bins to get my home decor #zerowaste!!

If you want to get your gingerbread house on then check this recipe

P.S. Gingerbread pairs nicely with bubbles so check out this sustainable sparkly blanc de blanc!