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How To Use the iPhone 14 Pro Camera: The Best Practice Guide

The iPhone 14 Pro continues Apple’s trend of delivering some of the best mobile cameras on the market. While the specs on each camera are impressive, it’s crucial to understand how to get the most out of all that tech. Luckily, you can improve your photography game with a few simple tricks and some foundational techniques. After a bit of practice, you will take shots that will turn a few heads.

blue phone case isolated

iPhone 14 New Features

Each new iPhone release brings a number of features and accessories for fans to get excited about. But first, be sure to protect your investment with an iPhone 14 Pro Max case.

The iPhone 14 boasts better processing chips, as to be expected. It also has improved safety features such as crash detection, which can alert the authorities whenever your vehicle suffers a significant impact while driving.

As for the cameras, the front features an improved autofocus that is enabled by default. When taking video, you can activate Action mode to stabilize scenes with rapid or erratic movement. The camera app is filled with options for any environment or scenario you may face.

The pill-shaped empty space at the top of the iPhone has been replaced by what Apple calls the Dynamic Island. This area now provides basic information readouts such as app notifications. The display has also been improved with always-on technology that allows your screen to display an image briefly without having to unlock your device.

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Tip 1. Ensure That Low Power Mode Is Disabled

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Source: Hadrian/Shutterstock.com

Before you do anything else, ensure your phone has not auto-enabled Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode will remove functionality and offer less stable performance while shooting.

Tip 2. Adjust Depth via Portrait Mode

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Source: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock.com

You can add depth to your photos by enabling portrait mode before taking a shot. It uses AI to make judgment calls that would be difficult for the naked eye. After a photo is taken, you can manually alter the focal length to increase or decrease the blurriness of the background.

Tip 3. Only Zoom as a Last Resort

It may be tempting to take advantage of the 6x zoom of your camera, but this can cause artifacts and other noise to distort the image. Whenever possible, physically move closer to your subject before capturing an image.

Tip 4. Overlay The Rule of Thirds Grid

In your camera settings, you can overlay a rule of thirds grid over your frame. This allows you to accurately line up each angle in a visually appealing manner.

Tip 5. Adjust Manual Exposure and the Light Meter

Manually adjusting the exposure is crucial in taking professional-grade photos. Swipe up to change exposure at any time when lining up a shot. As you tinker with the setting, a light meter appears on the top of your display. Monitor the light meter, especially in bright conditions, to prevent your images from becoming overexposed.

Tip 6. Use Styles To Reduce Editing

You can apply a number of photographic styles to overhaul the final look of each image. The styles work similarly to social media filters and can be found in your app settings. Keep in mind that you must choose a style that complements the temperature of the background colors and the natural lighting conditions of a photo.

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The Benefits of Choosing an Eco-friendly Phone Case

To be able to continue taking high-quality photos, you must protect your new iPhone 14 Pro. You might be concerned about these cases ending up in the landfill. However, you can opt for one of our eco-friendly phone cases and accessories. We have compostable options for both iPhone 14 cases and iPhone 14 plus cases. By following all these tips, you can take great photos now and in the future.

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