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desert themed phone cases

How to Customize Phone Cases With Pictures

desert themed phone cases

Your phone is an extension of your personality. The apps you choose reflect your daily priorities, and how you place them offers a window into how your mind works. Because you access your device dozens of times each day, we think your phone case should also reflect your style.

Our collection of phone cases offers hundreds of unique choices that protect your phone while updating its look. The wide variety of colors and themes may have you thinking about buying several phone cases to coordinate with your mood or outfit.

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Our clear phone cases provide a blank canvas for your ideas. Some people enjoy the look of a plain phone case that highlights their device’s design. Others find it meaningful to place their favorite quote in the blank space. Combining a clear phone case with custom pictures will give you a one-of-a-kind phone cover.

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Choosing a Single Picture

Sometimes a single image is all you need. You might choose a photo of your family or your favorite pet. Looking at a picture of someone you love can be a helpful reminder of why you do what you do every day.

You might also choose a landscape or another image of your favorite place. When the day becomes stressful, you can look at the picture and remind yourself to be calm.

A professional photo development service will provide an image that will last the longest. However, if you choose to print the picture at home, you will want to choose photography paper for a clear image with minimal fading.

Size and composition matter when choosing an image. Make sure you have the content you want after you crop the picture to fit the phone case. You will also need to cut away space to keep your camera lens unobstructed.

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Highlighting Friends and Family

If you find it difficult to choose a single image, you can include individual pictures of several people in your life. There are a couple of ways to turn your cover into a reality. You can start with scrapbooking techniques to cut images down to a workable size. Then, mount these on a piece of cardstock paper and place it inside the phone case.

People who are more comfortable with computers can use photo or publishing software to turn their collection of pictures into a single printable image. This technology saves you from needing to cut and glue the photos into place. You can create a single image for either iPhone cases or Android phone cases.

Show Many Facets of Your Life With a Collage

When a few images do not convey your story, creating a collage is a fun way to customize phone cases with pictures. In this project, you can create a collection of quotations, emoticons and other images. Your only limit is the size of the phone case.

Although you can go the scrapbooking route, working with publishing software is the easiest way to get this task done. You can easily resize and overlap your images for perfect results. Once you print the image and cut out the paper covering your camera lenses, you will have a phone case that truly reflects your personality and style.

Expand Your Creativity With a Clear Phone Case

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A clear phone case comes with great potential. At Pela Cases, our clear iPhone cases have impact-absorbent sides that come in several colors. We use plant-based, compostable materials to give you a protective phone case that can also express your creativity.