Plastic Free July
Up to 30% Off Best Sellers

Up to 30% Off Best Sellers

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Plastic Free July

Giving Back Is The Best Part of What We Do!

Giving Back Is The Best Part of What We Do!

Take 5 Give 5 Pela Campaign - Fundraising for Save The Waves Coalition

Wow, that was quite the wave we just rode! Metaphorically speaking of course.

For many brands and businesses, Black Friday / Cyber Monday are days where prices are slashed beyond recognition. These flashy sales are created to cash in on mass impulse purchases, in a season that has become all about stuff. 

Now don't get us wrong, at Pela we make "stuff" just like any other product business, but our goal is to create better products that are functional as they are mindful—mindful of our planet and mindful of our mission. 

And while we're huge fans of campaigns like #OptOutside and #GreenFriday that promotes a buy-nothing weekend, we also know that this is the season when the most traditional plastic tech accessories are purchased (either to protect new phones that are purchased or phones that are received as gifts) and our mission is to displace plastic waste, one case at a time.

Believe in Better

To achieve this mission, we have to be a part of the mix and get in front of people to say, "Hey, did you know there's a sustainable plastic alternative to protect your phone?" 

So instead of slashing our prices (which is tough for smaller operations like ours) we decided to match our sale offer with a donation to an organization we donate to every month - Save The Waves Coalition.

In just FOUR days we raised over $3,000 to add to our monthly total from sales of our Save The Waves engraved case collection! 

4 Days = $3,000+ DONATIONS

Most recently, Save The Waves announced a new protected World Surfing Reserve: Punta de Lobos in Chile. Another beautiful piece of land meets water preserved. It took years of hard work, persistence and support from donors all over the world to make this happen and we're grateful to our community for helping us pay it forward and contribute to the important work being done by organizations like Save The Waves.

Giving Tuesday

In response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, today marks the call out to people all over the world to consider giving back to their community or an organization they believe in. If you'd like to buy a Save The Waves Case to contribute $5 to their organization please click here OR donate directly to Save The Waves - please click here.

We also have a list of partner charities we give to through our referral pay it forward program like World Wildlife Fund and Amnesty International. #GivingTuesday