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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's day is coming up and you might be wondering what to get your dad. 

I don't know why, but it always seems more difficult to buy gifts for men than it does for women. Part of me wonders if that has to do with how marketers target most of their products towards women, the main purchasers in the home. 

Anyways, there's no need for dad to feel left out. We've got you covered with 5 things, that dad will love. 

5 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from

1. For the Jetsetter: 

You need something that's going to protect your phone from fumbles and drops while you're taking all of those travel pics. Consider a Pela Case.

(We're always going to put ourselves as #1. Let's be honest.)

I bought my dad a Pela Case for his birthday, and he loves it! I got him the black one because something told me he wouldn't love sunshine yellow

Although, my husband wants a sunshine yellow one, so who knows? 

Whether you dad is more utilitarian or wants something that makes a statement, we have the case for you! 

2. For the King of the Kitchen: 

My dad and husband both love to cook. How about reward the king of the kitchen with a gorgeous handmade knife made with recycled steel

It's so special to have a piece that's made custom for you. Plus, I love supporting small businesses who are actively involved in the recycling process, and masters of their craft. 

3. For the Outdoor Lover: 

Does your dad love to spend time outside? Did he instill a love of nature in you? 

Plant a tree in his honor. For only, $1 you can honor your dad by planting a tree and sucking 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere. 

This is a gift that will keep giving, providing clean air, long after Father's Day has passed. 

5 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day

4. For the Dad who Can't Miss the Game: 

He needs some snacks! You can get crafty in the kitchen and load up mason jars with homemade moose munch or head down to your local grocery store and fill up with all of his favorites from the bulk bins to keep it zero waste. 

You can also stop by his favorite local brewery to grab a growler. Tie the mason jars or growlers with a ribbon, and head over to watch a game with him. 

5. For the Dad who Loves You

Sometimes, you don't need to spend a thing. 

If you're like me, and your dad lives far away make plans to go visit or at least schedule time to talk on the phone or have skype dinner! 

Skype dinner is where you sit down to dinner at the same time, and act like you're sharing a table. 

The bottom line is your Dad just really wants to hear from you and spend time with you.