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Can You Use AirPods with Android?

Spoiler: Yes, you can use AirPods on an Android phone, but before you do that, you may not want to for several reasons. We’ll go over how to connect Apple AirPods to an Android and why even if you can, you shouldn’t.

girl with airpods

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How to Connect AirPods to an Android

Connecting AirPods to your Android is pretty similar to how you connect with your iPhone. Open up your AirPods case and then go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Once you’re on that screen, hold the pairing button down on the back of your AirPods case. The AirPods will appear on the list of Bluetooth accessories. Tap the Pair button and your AirPods will connect with your Android device.

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Pros of Using AirPods with an Android

If you prefer the functionality of an Android but the look and feel of AirPods, AirPods still act as a great wire-free earbud option. Many people find them to be more comfortable compared to other wireless earbuds. Their battery life lasts longer than other earbuds for Android devices. As long as you have a Lightning cable, they’re easy to charge. Customize both your AirPods and your latest Samsung phone to match each other by getting an AirPods case and a Samsung Galaxy S22 case in a similar color or design.

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Cons of Using AirPods with an Android

However, the audio quality on an Android when using AirPods doesn’t compare to what you’d have on an iPhone. That’s because Apple has its own implementation of Advanced Audio Codec, also known as AAC. When you’re streaming music on an Android, you may hear a noticeable difference in sound quality compared to what you’d hear if you were listening to the same song on an iPhone.

AirPods Features That Are Compatible with Android

You can enjoy the AirPods’ same wire-free design even with an Android phone. Simply connect using Bluetooth as you would any other Bluetooth device. The double-tap features still work where you can double-tap on one of the AirPods and the music you’re listening to will pause or play. If you have an iOS device, you can customize your AirPods to add next track or previous track gestures on your AirPods as well once you try using them on an Android. 

AirPods Features That Aren’t Compatible with Android

There’s a relatively long list of features you can’t use when you use AirPods. “Hey, Siri” won’t work unless you’re on an Apple device. Some of the more useful ones include single AirPods listening. While you can listen to music or other audio on your iPhone with just one AirPod in your ear, you need both AirPods in your ears at all times for them to connect properly. You also lose the simple setup you would get with an iOS device. All you need to do to connect your AirPods to your Apple device is to open your case near the Apple device you want to connect it to, like an Apple Watch or iPad, and then follow the easy setup steps.

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Improving AirPods Compatibility with Apps

While a noticeable amount of AirPods functionality is lost on an Android, you can still add apps to your Android to improve functionality. You can download an app on your Android phone like AirBattery to see how much battery is left on your left and right AirPods along with the actual charging case. Try downloading AssistantTrigger to change the tap gesture to set up Google Assistant to be triggered with a double-tap on your AirPods. Now that you know how to connect your Android device to your AirPods, you can have the best of both worlds and keep your Android phone and AirPods at the same time. Just like the AirPods have a handy charging case to keep them protected, keep your phone protected with any of our Android phone cases.

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You love the sleek look of AirPods but want to still use your Android phone. Maybe you’re thinking about switching to an iPhone instead to make AirPods compatibility all that much easier. No matter what you choose to do, have your Android or iPhone protected with a sustainable phone case. You can get the world’s first compostable AirPods case cover from Pela Case, too. All of our products are made to protect not just your devices but the planet, too.