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Bring Your Own Coffee Cup - Earth Day Challenge #4

Bring Your Own Coffee Cup - Earth Day Challenge #4

Alright, y'all - I'm about to break your heart. Paper coffee cups are lined with plastic. 

They are NOT recyclable and NOT compostable. 

The lids are plastic #6 which is Polystyrene a known carcinogen, and we normally see plastic #6 as Styrofoam. 

Thankfully, you have a couple of options to avoid disposable plastic coffee cups! 

bring your own coffee cup from

1. Bring Your Own! 

I like to bring my thermos to the coffee shop, they'll fill it up with coffee and most coffee shops even give a discount.

Saving money and the environment!

Thermoses are great because they're insulated. It keeps your hot 

2. In a Mug to Stay

You can always ask for your coffee to stay in a real mug. You just have to specify, that you'd like a real mug. 

If you're in a rush, you can always specify for your coffee to come at a more drinkable temperature. You can drink your coffee in the real mug in a couple of minutes.

3. Go Topless 

If you forget your reusable thermos, and don't have a couple of minutes to drink it in the cafe - go topless! 

At least by going topless you'll avoid a bit of plastic! bring your own coffee cup from