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A woman holding 3 colorful phone cases

25 Best Phone Cases of 2022: Protective, Waterproof, Wallet & More

A woman holding 3 colorful phone cases
Image credit: Pela

One of the most fun things about getting a new phone is choosing a cool case to go with it. And since today’s phones come in all shapes and sizes, you need a range of cases to match. But how do you sort out the well-made cases from the ones that are prone to break, or worse – let your phone break?

A phone case’s job is to protect your phone and look good while doing it. So we’ve selected twenty-six options ranging from fun cases, to protective cases, to waterproof cases – and a bit of everything in between. Skip ahead to learn about cases with wallets, drop protection and more. Or read on for our picks of the best phone cases across eight categories.

First up, our recommendations for eight phone cases that are best of the best.

Our recommendations for the 8 best cell phone cases available

You’re busy and don’t have time to research which phone case is right for you - we get it! So pick one of these eight recommendations and you’ll be on your merry way.

  1. Best protective phone case: Mous Limitless 3.0 Aramid Fiber
  2. Best waterproof phone case: LifeProof FRĒ
  3. Best wallet phone case: Safesleeve Wallet Case
  4. Best eco-friendly phone case: Pela Green Summit
  5. Best cell phone case for drop protection: Otterbox Defender RealTree
  6. Best clear phone case: Casely Bold Bright Yellow Sunflowers
  7. Best affordable phone case: CASEKOO Clear Gradient Blue
  8. Best wireless compatible phone case: Caudabe Lucid Clear

7 best protective phone cases with serious drop protection

Whether you’re rough with your phone, live an active lifestyle or just like to protect your investment, there’s a phone case out there for you. And here are eight of the best of them!

1. Pela Green Summit

A woman holding up a Pela phone case

Think a compostable phone case made of plant-based materials can’t survive a 20 foot drop? Think again! Not only are Pela’s cases extremely protective and eco-friendly, they also come in gorgeous colors and patterns like Green Summit - perfect for those who aren’t afraid to climb mountains.

Price: $59.95 USD

Why we love this case: If your screen cracks while wearing this case plus Pela’s liquid screen protector, you’ll get your money back.

2. Caudabe Lucid Clear

An iPhone and a clear phone case on a white background

Ultra-slim, clear and barely there, but also bulletproof? Is it possible? Caudabe says - yes! Made of thermoplastic polymer, which is the same material used to make bulletproof glass, this case is going to protect your phone through every scratch, scuff and drop.

Price: $30 USD

Why we love this case: Not only is it drop-proof, this Caudabe case is wireless charging compatible.

3. Mous Limitless 3.0 Aramid Fiber

A phone in a black case with a subtle checked pattern

“Uniting style and protection,” as makers Mous proclaim. With its patented AiroShock™ air cushion technology, the Limitless 3.0 offers extreme protection as shown by Mous’ unforgiving testing process.

Price: $47.99 USD

Why we love this case: It’s an ultra-protective, MagSafe compatible phone. Because wireless charging is the way of the future!

4. Pela Black Ridge

A black phone case with tree rings on a background of grass

Love trees and want a phone case that’s sleek, sophisticated and strong? Check out Pela’s Black Ridge case, which has a subtle tree ring design and enough durability that your device could survive a drop from the highest of branches.

Price: $59.95 USD

Why we love this case: The Black Ridge case, along with all of Pela’s cases, is handmade in Canada.



5. Otterbox Defender RealTree

A phone in a case with a camo pattern on a white background

Otterbox is well-known in the realm of protective phone cases and the Defender series takes things up a notch. The RealTree case has multiple layers of coverage and guards your device from scrapes, bumps and drops.

Price: $55.96 USD

Why we love this case: It’s made from 50% recycled plastic, which is a great start toward sustainability. 

6. Casely Bold Bright Yellow Sunflowers

A clear phone case with sunflowers on it

Highly protective and cute too? That’s the premise behind Casely’s Bold series, which has 360 degree hard shell protection, yet still offers sleek coverage. So your sunflowers can truly shine.

Price: $25 USD

Why we love this case: It has a one year product warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee. 

7. CASEKOO Clear Gradient Blue

A clear and blue ombre phone case on a white background

This clear case may look delicate, but it’s anything but. With an excellent fit, raised edges and impact absorbing corners, CASEKOO’s Gradient Blue case also has a diamond antioxidant layer that makes it easy to clean.

Price: $18.99 USD

Why we love this case: The subtle blue ombre effect is so pretty.


Pela Case

Pela Case


48,000+ 5 star reviews | The internet's most loved case

Protect your phone and the planet with the world's first compostable phone case. Pela Cases offer a serious drop protection without compromising on style. Over 857,205 people have switched to Pela. What are you waiting for?


5 best waterproof phone cases for the adventurous soul

8. LifeProof FRĒ

A phone in a black case partially submerged in water

Waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, drop-proof. Sounds like your kind of phone case? LifeProof’s line of highly protective phone cases are perfect for surfers, snowboarders, scuba divers and anyone else who loves the rugged outdoors. Made from fifty percent recycled plastic, the FRĒ can also withstand a two meter drop.

Price: $79.99 USD

Why we love this case: With every purchase of a LifeProof case, you get to choose a non-profit organization for the company to donate to. Nice!

9. Catalyst Total Protection

A silver iphone in a clear case being held over water

If you’ve been looking for a truly waterproof case, one you can take underwater up to 33 feet, the Catalyst Total Protection was made for you. And on top of being waterproof - and drop-proof - you can add accessories such as a wrist strap so your phone camera is at the ready for quick snorkeling snaps.

Price: $89.99 USD

Why we love this case: It’s fingerprint-free frosted back keeps your phone clear of any smudges, both in and out of the water.



10. Lanheim Waterproof 

A black phone case next to a phone with a swirling blue lockscreen

Good for one hour in two meters of water, and even deeper for shorter periods of time, this phone case has waterproof screen protection that still allows for fingerprint authentication. Plus, its textured sides make it easy to hold on to and its drop protection keeps your phone safe in case you let go anyway.

Price: $18.99 USD

Why we love this case: It’s easy to put on your phone as well as take off, so you can switch away from your waterproof case for something a little more streamlined.

11. Willbox Professional Diving

A man in a scuba suit holding an underwater camera snapping a photo

If you love the idea of taking underwater photos at up to fifty feet below the waterline, the Willbox is one of the most waterproof cases out there. With six metal fasteners, your phone will be extra secure whether in a boat, on the beach, or deep down in the sea.

Price: $55.99 USD

Why we love this case: It has a specially designed selfie stick interface so you can snap pics of you, your friends and the fishes.

12. Ghostek Nautical

A gray and green phone case next to an iphone with a man in a tuxedo as the lockscreen

With both underwater protection and a military grade protection guarantee, Ghostek’s waterproof case is sturdy and reliable. While you can’t always use fingerprint unlock in a heavy-duty phone case, with this one you still can. Perfect for those times you need to access your phone while floating in a kayak or standing atop a snowy mountain.

Price: $19.98 USD

Why we love this case: It comes in black, green, pink and white - so you don’t have to compromise style for sturdiness.

6 best wallet phone cases to keep your cards accessible

If you like to just be able to grab your phone and go and hate fussing around with a separate wallet, here are six of the best phone cases with built-in cash and card storage.

13. Safesleeve Wallet Case

A woman smiling while talking on a phone in a wallet case

If you find it annoying to carry around a phone as well as a wallet, you should definitely check out the Safesleeve case. On top of being able to store your cards and money within it, it snaps closed to give an extra layer of protection to your phone.

Price: $59.95 USD

Why we love this case: All Safesleeve products are built around their radiation-blocking technology, protecting you from radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves.

14. ​​Terracotta Wallet Case

A brownish-red phone case with a wallet attachment on the back


Are you a minimalist? Then you’ll love this pretty terracotta phone case with just enough room for your bank cards. While some wall phone cases are bulky, this one is sleek and retains its great grip.

Price: $69.95 USD

Why we love this case: The wallet holder is made out of the same material as the case - Pela’s innovative plant-based Flaxstic.

15. Shieldon TUCCH Rose Gold Wallet Case

A rose gold wallet phone case on a white background

This leather wallet case by Shieldon has all kinds of features. From a snap closure, to room for cards and cash, to a raised inner edge to protect your phone from drops, you’ll be able to ditch your separate wallet and just go.

Price: $20.99 USD

Why we love this case: If you like to watch TV shows and videos on your phone, this wallet case also doubles as a stand.

16. Speck Presidio Eclipse Blue Wallet Case

A dark blue and black wallet phone case on a white background

Want to be able to carry your cards around in a one-piece phone case with ten foot military grade drop protection? This case by Speck is third-party lab tested with a raised bezel to protect your phone from scratching or shattering if it drops face down.

Price: $24.98 USD

Why we love this case: It has a lifetime warranty, so if the wallet case unexpectedly breaks - they’ll replace it.

17. Smartish Wallet Slayer

A black plastic phone case with a card holder

With a name like “Wallet Slayer,” you know it’s got to be good! Textured sides prevent accidental drops and air pocket corners keep your phone safe for the occasions when drops happen anyway. Plus, you can personalize your Smartish phone with your own design so your personality can shine through.

Price: $18.99 USD

Why we love this case: You can use one of your cards to prop the phone up for a prolonged YouTube session or an extended Zoom meeting.

18. Moshi Overture Wallet Case

A flip-open wallet phone case in light brown leather

A 3-in-1 case, the Overture by Moshi is pretty and made from vegan leather. Functions as a phone case, a wallet and a stand and also comes with a patented antimicrobial coating that kills germs and bacteria on contact.

Price: $49.95 USD

Why we love this case: If you buy a case and screen protector together, you unlock extra savings. Because you shouldn’t have to break the bank to protect your phone.

7 best eco-friendly phone cases for a sustainable lifestyle

If you try your best to be mindful of the environment in all areas of your life, you know your phone case is no exception. So here are seven cases from conscious phone case brands to suit your sustainable lifestyle.

19. Pela Seashell Disco 

A and holding a colorful phone case

How can you resist a phone case with a name like Seashell Disco? It’s fun and funky, just like the phone print, and reminiscent of roller skating under a sparkly disco ball. Plus, did we mention it’s made from a plant-based plastic that’s gentle on the planet while also being really, really protective?

Price: $59.95 USD

Why we love this case: It’s compostable! Yup, that’s right. This phone case will break down right alongside your fruit and veggie scraps.

20. Incipio Coach Moody Floral

A clear phone case with a dark purple floral pattern

If you’re into fashion, you probably know the Coach name. And while Coach isn’t known for being sustainable, when paired with phone case brand Incipio, suddenly your designer phone case can be fully recycled and kept out of the landfill. Now that’s stylish.

Price: $54.99 USD

Why we love this case: Incipio is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning one percent of all their sales go toward earth-saving initiatives.

21. Pela Green

A dark green phone case next to plants

There are so many phone case choices out there - you can pretty much find any combination you can imagine. But sometimes you just want something simple and pretty. Something that just does what it’s supposed to do, which is to protect your phone of course! And if it also happens to be good for the environment then that’s just an added bonus.

Price: $47.95 USD

Why we love this case: It comes in six other lovely, nature-inspired colors.



22. Carved Leesa

A phone case made from wood and bright blue resin

If you want a truly unique phone case - as in it’s the only one of its kind ever made - check out Leesa by Carved. Handmade in Indiana using real wood and epoxy resin, it is literally one of a kind.

Price: $52.00 USD

Why we love this case: Pair your phone case purchase with Carved’s Braverly bag and support the women in Thailand who make these bags in a safe, fair-pay facility. 

23. Native Union Clic Classic

A woman wearing a phone on a strap around her neck

Made from certified eco-friendly leather that’s intended to age beautifully as it’s used, even the lining is made from recycled microfiber. Pair it with a matching sling to carry your phone with ease, making it far less likely to drop.

Price: $59.99

Why we love this case: Native Union is committed to helping consumers “buy less, but better” and offers a two-year warranty on their cases.

24. Pela Stitch Case

A black phone case with an outdoor scene stitched on the back

If you’re a crafty treehugger, then the Stitch Case is going to scratch both itches. Made from eco-conscious materials and fully biodegradable, this case also allows you to sew your own pattern right onto the back. So your phone case will be as unique as you are.

Price: $69.95 USD

Why we love this case: Use the Pela screen protector and get a $200 screen repair guarantee in case you ever drop it while crafting.

25. Reveal Izu Cork

A cork phone case with a wave print resting on the beach

Buy a case, plant a tree! That’s how it works with Reveal’s eco-friendly cases. It’s also made of sustainably harvested cork, which is a highly recyclable material.

Price: $25.00

Why we love this case: Cork is a naturally water-resistant material and has many of the same properties as leather, but it’s cruelty-free!

What material is best for a phone case?

A hand holding four phone cases against an outdoor background

If you’re wondering what material is best for a phone case, you’re not alone as it’s a commonly asked question. Here are eight different phone case materials, as well as our pick for the best one!

  1. Plastic: Plastic is affordable and flexible, which is why it still remains so popular. However, not all plastic phone cases are created equal and some of the extremely cheap cases can easily crack or chip.
  1. Flaxstic®: Is that a typo or a super cool plant-based alternative to plastic? Why, of course it’s the latter, which is an innovative, fully-biodegradable, durable option when it comes to phone cases.
  1. Silicone: Sometimes thought of as just another type of plastic, silicone is more of a distant relative. It’s much softer and more flexible than plastic, and its texture offers a bit of grip.
  1. Carbon fiber: Most often used in the automotive and aircraft industries, as you can imagine carbon fiber is extremely strong, while also remaining lightweight. Cases made of this material are often more expensive, but what you get in return is peace of mind that your phone is protected.
  1. Leather and vegan leather: For more of a high-class look, leather is a popular choice. Real leather even has the ability to keep your phone warm in cold weather and cool it down if it’s left in the sun. And if you don’t like the idea of using an animal product to protect your phone, there are plenty of vegan leather options.
  1. Wood: If you love nature and want to bring your phone back down to simpler times, wood may be right for you. A more sustainable option than plastic, wood adds a handmade and warm look to your phone.
  1. Metal: If you love an industrial look, a phone case made of or featuring metal components not only looks cool - it’s also highly protective.
  1. Cork: Another phone case material that offers a sustainable alternative to plastic, cork is known across several industries as an eco-friendly material that has flexibility and durability.

While plastic is the most common phone case material due to its low cost and durability, other options such as carbon fiber, leather and wood all have their own pros and cons. For the same flexibility and reliability as a high-quality plastic, plant-based materials like Flaxstic® are a far more eco-conscious choice. 

Now that you’re armed with all this new knowledge of the best phone cases on the market, hopefully you’ll be able to choose one that fits your lifestyle, values and budget. If you need a little more guidance before finding the case that’s right for you, check out our list of the best eco-friendly phone cases or go check out Pela’s amazing collection of biodegradable phone cases.

Written by: Larissa Swayze