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Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #005

Believe in Better Tuesdays - Stories of Hope #005

Escape the Bustle

Not sure how many of you live in a big city, but I live in downtown Toronto, Canada. And let's just say, there are days the concrete jungle crushes my soul—just a smidge. Lucky for me, I am fortunate to have many options to getaway and unplug.

A fellow entrepreneur and friend in Toronto posted this video and I couldn't help but click. While there are beautiful and remote getaways all over the world, I really love Peter's desire to share his story and his home with people who just need a little rest and recharging. 

What a magical place he's built and what cool times we live in where people share their beloved spaces. 

A Team Effort

When we started Believe in Better Tuesdays, we just wanted to push good news to the top of your inbox so that stories like these don't get lost in a sea of negativity.

H/T to One Green Planet for bringing this story to my attention.

Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi are two men in China doing important work. They have planted over 10,000 trees over the course of the past 10 years...with one being blind and the other without arms. 

Together they have found ways to use each other to fill in the gaps in their abilities caused by unfortunate accidents and a health condition. 

To me, this is a story about partnership, teamwork and finding work that has meaning.

Clothes that Grow Like Children

Um, where was this when my mom was making me clown-collared polka dot dresses??? (Thanks mom!)

Ryan Mario Yasin is the brain behind the pleat system that allows these cute little outfits to stretch and fit, even after growth spurts.

Lots of people are thinking about tackling the challenge of fashion waste (for adults and kids alike) but I thought this was pretty darn innovative and a unique solution I haven't seen before. Also, I was roped in by how adorable these pint-sized models were. I mean...come on. 

Blissed Out Pup

Speaking of cuteness overload...when in doubt, watch a dog, nuzzling a human, while riding a boat. 

I don't know if I've ever felt this much peace doing anything, but it sure makes me happy to watch :)



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