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Plastic Free July

Announcing Surfrider Partnership

Announcing Surfrider Partnership

We are so excited to be launching a new partnership with Surfrider

Here at Pela we're big believers in supporting organizations that are actively working to make a difference, and Surfrider is definitely making a difference. 

The Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect the ocean, waves, and beaches for everyone! 

Currently there are 80 chapters housing more than 50,000 members world wide. 

They conduct their campaigns via local, regional, and national chapters and their focus is on:
  1. Ensuring beaches are accessible
  2. Keeping waterways clean
  3. Preserving our coasts
  4. Protecting our oceans, and
  5. Cleaning plastic pollution.

They have also created a number of programs and campaigns that you can share to help educate your community. 

  1. Beach Cleanups - help rid our beaches of plastic pollution
  2. Blue Water Task Force - A volunteer-run, water testing, education and advocacy program
  3. Ocean Friendly Gardens - Did you know the materials in our gardens affect the ocean too?! Learn how to create an ocean friendly outdoor space
  4. Ocean Friendly Restaurants - Own a restaurant or know someone who does? They can become part of this awareness and advocacy program
  5. Rise Above Plastics - Get tips on how to move past plastic and help reduce its use
  6. Smartfin - Are you an avid surfer? Attach their Smartfin to your board and help monitor the state of our oceans

One way you can support Surfrider is by purchasing one of our new Surfrider phone cases! 5% of all sales go directly to Surfrider to help them maintain clean oceans.