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Plastic Free July

Bioproducts Made in Canada: Renewable + Sustainable Canadian Products

Bioproducts Made in Canada: Renewable + Sustainable Canadian Products


Pela Case, along with other bioproducts made in Canada, was featured on a factsheet released by the Government of Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food department.

The factsheet ‘Agricultural Bioproducts: Delivering benefits to farmers, the economy and our enivronment’ discusses sustainable bioproducts made by Canadian companies.

Check out all the sustainable Canadian businesses the factsheet features:

Straw-Based Paper

Step Forward Paper creates a unique straw-based paper, designed for consumers, small businesses and home offices. Eighty per-cent of this tree-friendly paper is made using leftover wheat straw.

Natural FireLog

Many FireLogs on the market are made with additives to hold them together. The PowerLog is made from bioproducts-made-in-canada100% natural biomass materials, with no additives. The PowerLog is made using flax shive, and burns for up to 10 hours.

Bean Protein Biofilm

The University of Guelph has created a bean protein biofilm that can replace petroleum-based plastic biofilms. The material is edible and biodegradable!

Bio-Composite Storage Bins

Storage bins made from 100% post-consumer plastic combined with plant fibers from Ontario. The bioresin was created by University of Guelph’s Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre. The bins are molded by Embee Plastics for Home Hardware.

Pela Case

The Pela Case is an eco-friendly smartphone case made from bio-plastic and flax straw fibre ‘waste’ grown in Saskatchewan. The Pela Case is biodegradable and meets U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN 13432) standards for composting in an industrial composting facility.