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5 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week

5 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week

Shark Week is here! Did you know it's the longest running television show event in history? 

Shark week started July 17, 1988 and was originally devoted to conservation efforts and giving sharks a little bit of positive PR.

Sharks have a bad rep, but are really important to the ocean's eco-systems. The US averages only 19 shark attacks each year. Out of all those attacks only one is fatal every two years. Meanwhile, lighting kills more than 37 people each year. 

You're way more likely to be struck by lighting than be attacked by a shark. 

Sharks are endangered and it's a result of human activity. Several of the main threats to sharks are finning, getting caught in commercial fishing gear, and plastic pollution.

So, let's talk about a few things you can do to celebrate these majestic beasts. 

1. DONATE!!:

One of the best things about shark week is all of the awareness it raises. Think of how awesome it would be if everyone who enjoyed Shark Week donated to Shark Conservation. Here are a few charitable organizations for you to consider. 

  • Project AWARE Foundation works to protect underwater environments with scuba divers all across the world. Divers are given training, tools, and online resources to help their communities and protect the ocean.
  • Shark Angels was created by divers. They've run successful campaigns like "Say No to Shark Fin Soup," and helped establish and protect some of the world's largest shark sanctuaries. 
  • Oceana works to create policy that restores and maintains biodiversity. Oceana's Campaigns utilize grassroots organizing, in-house scientific experts and litigators, strategic communications, and political engagement to strengthen and maintain responsible fishery management practices, prevent climate change and pollution, prevent seafood fraud, and reduce illegal and unregulated fishing.

2. Phone Case:

One of the best ways to celebrate Shark Week is to sport our brand new Shark Skin colored phone case! We donate a portion of every sale to clean ocean and clean water initiatives! 

You can also check out our Oceana Blue color where we donate 5% of the sales to Oceana so you can check off celebrations #1 and #2! 

3. Adopt a Shark:

If you love sharks or know someone who does, then you should totally adopt a shark! It's not a real shark of course, but a symbolic shark! WWF will send a plushie and an adoption certificate. 

4. Shark Socks:

If you want to add a little bit of cheeky fun to your week, shark socks are for you! they look like regular blue socks, but hike your pants leg up a little to reveal the hidden shark! 

5. Tune-In:

The fifth and last way to celebrate is to tune-in to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! If you want to make the occasion extra festive break out your Shark Skin colored phone case, your shark skin socks, and mix up a bloody mary.