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5 Things You Should Be Disinfecting But Probably Aren’t

5 Things You Should Be Disinfecting But Probably Aren’t

With the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, people everywhere are learning to become just a little cleaner. While most of us have already been washing our hands regularly (we hope), the need to disinfect virtually everything that could come in contact with outside germs is a little overwhelming. 

You’ve probably gone through your home already to disinfect doorknobs and grocery items, or are only going out to walk the dog, but even the most diligent of us can still miss a few key spots. In this guide, we’ll share a few unexpected items you probably haven’t thought to disinfect, but absolutely should.


1. Keyboard




If you use a laptop for work, school, or even just for fun, it probably gets a lot of daily use. Keyboards obviously come in contact with our hands, but they are also susceptible to sneezes, breathing, and coughing. Even if you are washing your hands, over time your keyboard will still collect dirt, grime, and bacteria from your fingers, building up between or on the keys. Should your keyboard come in contact with something (or someone) carrying COVID-19, it could easily carry it for days without you even realizing it. 


Taking a few minutes of your day to disinfect your laptop can help you ensure you aren’t unknowingly carrying around harmful germs, and might just reveal to you how dirty your keyboard was to begin with! While you’re at it, wipe down the rest of your computer, just to cover all your bases.

2. Phone Case


Pela Case


You probably bring your phone everywhere, which means your phone case probably goes everywhere as well. Your phone case comes in contact with a lot of things and people during the day, from countertops and tables to the hands of your friends and family. 


Like your hands, your phone case picks up practically everything it comes in contact with throughout the course of the day, but unlike your hands, you probably don’t wash it the moment you get home. Over time, phone cases can collect a shocking amount of dirt, bacteria, and grime, and some studies have shown that phones and phone cases are often dirtier than toilet seats! 


At Pela, we’re taking COVID-19 seriously, and want to do everything we can to help limit the spread of the virus. To help our customers stay clean and healthy, we are currently offering an amazing deal on our phone cases. Now, when you buy one Pela Case, you’ll get a second one for free! Take off your phone case when you get home and gently wash it with soap and water, then leave to dry. While your first case dries, pop your second case on your phone to make sure it stays protected 24/7. Repeat. Rotating your cases will help you keep germs at bay, and remind you to regularly wash your phone case to avoid it becoming a toilet seat. 

Learn How to Clean Your Phone Case Here

3. Rings




If you haven’t thought about disinfecting your ring, you’re not alone. With all the handwashing we have all been doing, most of us assume our rings are getting the same treatment right along with our hands, and that they are adequately disinfected. While some germs, dirt, and bacteria may be removed from your ring with regular hand washing, some may still be trapped between the band and your skin, or within precious stones, nooks, crevices, and crannies. Next time you head to the sink to wash your hands, take off your ring and wash it separately to ensure a super-effective clean. 


4. Bathroom Faucet


bathroom faucet


Every time you come home to wash your hands, you touch your bathroom faucet and its handles at least twice. This can lead to an accumulation of bacteria and grime buildup on faucets, exposing you to germs every time you wash your hands. Additionally, everyone else who uses your bathroom is also touching the faucet and its handles, exposing it to germs from outside, from the bathroom, and so on. To avoid dirtying your digits on your own sink, disinfect your faucet thoroughly at least once a week. 


5. TV Remote


TV Remote


With everyone practicing social distancing, we’re willing to bet you’ve been watching a lot of TV. While a day in front of the tube is one of the many little luxuries of life, this also means that your TV remote is also getting a lot of action. Constantly being touched by a variety of people means remotes are often infested with the same germs and bacteria present on keyboards and phones and could be putting your health at risk. 


A quick wipe down of your remote can help you avoid that nasty grimy buildup, and might even encourage you to go through your house to find other electronics that could use a wipe! While you’re at it, wipe down your video game controllers too so you can crush your family members in a game of Mario Kart without getting anyone sick. 


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