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Plastic Free July

5 Plant Based Recipes for Summer

5 Plant Based Recipes for Summer

Did you know that we have our own in house cooking show?  It's called Cookin' and Compostin' and is the breakout show of the summer.

We cook delicious plant-based recipes featuring our amazing staff and some knowledgeable locals then we compost the scraps because composting is AMAZING for the environment. 

Check out our blog post to learn how you can compost even if you live in an apartment without a balcony

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We make delicious plant-based recipes because plant-based eating can seem inaccessible, hard, or leave you wanting more.

Eating a plant-based diet (a diet made up of mostly plants!) is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you're looking for more ways to reduce the emissions you're responsible for, be sure to check out our guide 5 Tips for Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Another great way to reduce emissions when in the kitchen is to cook using local and in-season produce. So, I rounded up five of our most popular recipes this summer! 

We've got about 6 more weeks where you can indulge in these awesome flavors. Now, Leslie, who takes the lead on our poke bowl did a great job stocking the kitchen with low waste second-hand items. 

If you're looking for some gear to make your kitchen more eco-friendly the thrift store is definitely where you want to go first, but I've rounded up a few of our trusty staples.