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20 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste

20 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste

From wanting to be more sustainable to saving all the sea creatures in the ocean from plastic, there are plenty of reasons for reducing your personal waste. The process of reducing waste can look different for everyone but it is about progress over perfection. We invite you on our waste-free journey with this list of easy ways to reduce waste.


Food Waste

  1. Plan meals around the food that needs to be eaten first. 

  2. Freeze and use leftovers.

  3. Eat less meat and try plant-based meals a few times each week.

  4. Compost your food scraps with the innovative countertop composter Lomi.

  5. Pick the “ugly fruit & veg” at the grocery store

Say No To Plastic

      6. Bring your own shopping bags 

      7. Opt for Beeswax Wraps instead of plastic wrap.

      8. Ditch plastic phone cases and switch to compostable Pela cases.

      9. Party without Plastic and invest in decorations you can always reuse

     10. Save your glass jars and hit up your local refillery

Tackle Your Closet

    11. Say No to fast fashion and short-term trends and invest in timeless pieces. 

    12. Thrift/ Buy Second Hand 

    13. Wear organic and natural materials

    14. Repair your items instead of throwing them away.

    15. Buy from companies with return programs such as Swway.

Sustainable Self Care

     16. Swap your personal care products with plastic-free shampoo and  conditioner bars from longwknd.

     17. Use up all that you have before you buy new products. 

     18.Switch to reusable alternatives like Menstrual Cups and reusable Cotton Pads 

     19. Use Loose-leaf teas to avoid microplastic from tea bags.

     20. Spend time in nature to reconnect and appreciate our earth.