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The Earth Needs Your Help – Please Vote for Pela

The Earth Needs Your Help – Please Vote for Pela

We need your help. Pela Case’s parent company Open Mind Developments(OMD) is a finalist in William Joseph‘s RPM Project. A win for OMD would create a win for the global campsite. Together we can help create a global shift toward sustainable products, so we leave things a little better for future generations.

OMD is one of 5 finalists in the Saskatchewan category for this contest.  The grand prize is up to $25,000 in marketing services from William Joseph. This win would help OMD and Pela show the world how products can be made a little better and a little more sustainable.

How to Vote

In order to vote for OMD + Pela, please post on either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #theRPMproject and #OMD.

Vote on Twitter

Click the blue twitter button below to vote for OMD and Pela Case with this tweet:

Help spread the word about #sustainable products. Vote for #OMD + #PelaCase in #theRPMproject #RT to vote!

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Vote on Instagram by posting an image with the hashtags #theRPMproject and #OMD in the caption. Feel free to save the image below and use for your post. :)


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How would this help Pela, OMD + the Globe?

The $25K in marketing services would help us spread the word about sustainable alternatives to conventional oil based plastic products. We are a small company trying to lead a global shift toward sustainable products and sustainable business practices. This win would help us to get the ball rolling, gain momentum and show big corporations that people do want products to be made in a environmentally and socially sustainable manner.  Let’s flip the old way of doing business upside down.

More about Open Mind Developments (OMD)

At OMD, we stand for making products more sustainable to provide innovative alternatives to conventional products. Most importantly, we view business as a source for good by being socially and environmentally responsible. We focus on people, the planet and performance, while continually striving for excellence in all we do. We believe that when sustainable products become the new standard we will all be a little better off.

Find out more at OMD’s website here.