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10 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

10 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Moms are great. Growing up, I would start saving my allowance to take my mom out to lunch for Mother's day. 

10 Eco Friendly gifts for Mothers Day from Pelacase.com

We'd typically go to a tea house. One we really liked was called Annie's. I don't remember much about it other than it was part of an odd shopping complex. 

It was red and looked like a barn. There were checked table cloths, and they served this dip.

Most restaurants give you bread. Not Annie's, they served ritz crackers with some sort of magical dip. I have no idea what it was, but I wanted to go there every Sunday for lunch. 

Let's just say, when I was treating - we were going to Annie's. 

As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think of Mother Earth. She's the mom we all have in common.

I wanted to create a gift guide for Mother's Day that is awesome for your mom and momma Earth. 

1. Pela Case

I mean, did you really think we weren't going to make ourselves #1? 

If you've been looking to get a Pela case, you can buy one get one 50% off. It can be our little secret that you got your mom's case on sale. ;) 

You can read more about the sale on our FAQ.  

We offer beautiful spring colors, and her phone will be protected while she's snappin' all of those pics of you - that you honestly wish she'd stop taking.

2. Flowers

You can't go wrong with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers from the farmers market on Saturday. 

When buying from the farmers market, you can typically get your flowers to go without the plastic wrap. I get them wrapped in one sheet of news print. They look a little rustic, and you don't have to worry about dripping water on the floor or in your bag. 

Best of all, the flowers can be composted after they wilt. 

3. Lipstick

Does your mom never leave the house without her lipstick? 

10 Eco Friendly gifts for Mothers Day from Pelacase.com

Give her a nice upgrade with a clean beauty alternative. I like Ilia because it's organic, the colors are gorgeous, and the tubes are made with recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable! 

Surprise mom with a pretty new color. 

4. Out to Eat

It's really nice to take mom out to eat. Bring her to her favorite restaurant and splurge with a dessert to share! 

5. Candles

I remember always going to the candle shop with my Dad to pick out a new candle for mom. 

Candles can be pretty toxic so opt for organic bases like soy wax or beeswax. Make sure the fragrance isn't synthetic, but from natural sources like essential oils. 

I love this terracotta candle. Once she's done with it, it makes the perfect pot for a new cactus friend. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

6. Blanket

Who doesn't love a cozy blanket? The one thing I can never have enough of is blankets.

Throw them on the couch, the bed, the floor - blankets, blankets everywhere! Wakened Apparel is one of my favorite stores, and holy moly their blanket collection is what dreams are made of. 

10 eco friendly Mother's Day ideas from pelacase.com

These are my top three: pom pom blanket, the Sahara blanket, the Laguna blanket

Most of these blankets are made from recycled textiles, and they all donate 10% to different causes! 

7. Seeds or Bulbs

If your mom has a green thumb, head to your local nursery and pick up a new plant baby. Grab some seeds or bulbs and spend a day in the garden together. 

8. Jams

Who wouldn't love a a new set of organic pajamas or a luxurious robe to lounge in for the coming year. Pair this with a tin of loose leaf tea and it's a match made in heaven. 

Some of my favorite places to pick up sustainable PJs is Mamajamas an ALAS.

9. Massage

This is my mom's favorite gift. She will always take a gift card to her favorite spa. 

She can spend the day getting pampered, relieving all of the stress I caused over the years. 

10. To spend time with you

Of course, mom would love to spend sometime with you. Brew a cup of tea or coffee. Sit together and just chat a bout life. 

If you've moved out of the house, your mom probably misses you. If you're far away, give her a call and take some time to really talk. 

Sometimes, the best gifts don't cost a thing. 

10 Eco Friendly gifts for Mothers Day from Pelacase.com