Flower Phone Case

Stay Wild, Flower Child — With a Flower Phone Case

Bloom where you are planted, but feel free to take adventures, too. Whatever journey you are on, keep your phone protected with a durable and eco-friendly flower phone case. Complete with beautiful flower prints and patterns, each Pela floral phone case offers a sweet and feminine touch. Peonies, marigolds, roses and more — Pela Case offers flower phone cases with dainty Calico-inspired designs and graphic flower-power themes in vibrant colors. Each Pela floral iPhone case is as soft as a petal, too! With a comfortable feel and rubber-like grip, you can rest assured that your floral phone case will stay securely in your palm.

Sustainable Flower Phone Cases Are Kind to the Earth

Each charming flower phone case matches the same eco-friendly values as the rest of Pela products. Designed with a material made of both plant-based biopolymers and flax shive byproducts, our cases are fully compostable. While each phone case and phone accessory is long-lasting, once it meets the end of its life, simply toss it in the compost at home. Furthermore, when you choose a plastic-free Pela floral phone case, it prevents toxic ingredients from entering the Earth and stops microplastics from reaching our waterways and oceans. So show your support for wildflowers and buy a flower iPhone case today. 

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