Butterfly Designs

Float on with Pela Butterfly Phone Cases 

Flutter around like a butterfly — but protect your phone, too. Explore Pela’s collection of butterfly phone cases that are beautiful, graceful and strong, just like our winged friends. Choose from a variety of colorful butterfly prints and designs. Whether it’s a kaleidoscope swarm or a single butterfly on a solitary journey, these cute butterfly phone cases offer a charming, feminine look with lots of color. With printed illustrations and etched designs of monarchs and more — all free of toxic dyes — each butterfly phone case will leave the soil clean so flowers and pollen can continue to grow.   

Sustainable Butterfly Cases to Protect Our Planet

Like all of Pela Case products, each butterfly case is made of our trademark Flaxstic material, a blend of flax shive and bioplastics. This means that each Pela Case you throw in the compost is designed to break down in the soil. More so, each compostable butterfly phone case you buy means one less piece of plastic harming the Earth. Plus, Pela offsets our entire carbon footprint to be Climate Neutral Certified. So show some love to butterflies and pollinators everywhere by leaving the earth a better place. Buy a butterfly iPhone case today! 

Explore the entire Pela Case phone collection to discover more nature-inspired prints and illustrations. From wild animal prints to dainty flowers and more, find your spirit animal, pollinator or petal.