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apple iphone 11 pro

How To Edit Photos on iPhone To Look Professional

apple iphone 11 pro

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You don’t necessarily need to have expensive software to edit your photos. You can edit your photos right on your iPhone, using iPhone’s photo editing software, and create high-quality, professional-looking photos.

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To start editing, open up the photo you’d like to edit. On the upper right-hand side, you will see the Edit text. Press on it to open up its editing features. One easy change you can make is to change the brightness of your photo. Press on the sun image and a slider will open up. This will let you either darken or brighten up your photo.


three photos different exposures

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Next to the magic wand button is a +/- button. This is the exposure button. If you have incorrectly exposed your photo, this feature lets you correct it. Once you press the exposure button, a slider appears that lets you increase or decrease the exposure.


One of the more useful functions that the iPhone allows you to do is desaturate your photo completely so that you have a black-and-white photo instead of a color one. To do this, press the Saturation button, which is the rainbow circle. If you set the slider to -100, you’ll get a black-and-white photo. On the other hand, if you want your colors to look rich and saturated, move the slider to the left.


To give your photos a sharper look, you can play with the contrast. This will deepen the blacks and brighten the whites. Move the slider to a position that provides the look you want. The contrast feature is useful if you want your colors to pop. It’s also a great feature to use on black-and-white photos to create a greater contrast between the black-and-white portions of your photos.

Highlights and Shadows

If your initial photo feels flat, you can make it more dynamic by playing with the highlights and shadows in your photo. These buttons are next to each other, and you can move the slider around until you like the final image.

Tint and Warmth

Tint is one of the fancier features, and it adds a filter on top of your photo. You can choose a rose-colored filter, a sepia filter or anything between those two extremes. Another similar feature to the Tint feature is the Warmth feature. By moving the slider left or right, you can give your photo a cool look or a warm look.


Every photographer knows what it’s like to accidentally take a photo that’s slightly out of focus. The sharpness feature, depicted by a filled-in triangle, will only slightly sharpen your image. At the very least, you can salvage a photo that you may have otherwise discarded.

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction feature can be incredibly helpful if you took a photo in low light. If there isn’t enough light on your subject, you’ll get a photo that has a lot of grain to it or noise. Sometimes, this can add to the mood of a photo. Other times, your photo just ends up looking unprofessional. If there is too much noise in your photo, you can use the Noise Reduction feature to reduce some of it.


yellow daisy flower dark background

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If you’re hoping to achieve a fine-art look with your photos, the last feature is the Vignette feature. This brightens the center of your photo and darkens the edges.

Straightening Your Photos

Took a crooked photo? Make it look more professional by straightening it. On the bottom right, there’s the crop tool with two opposing arrows. This will straighten your photo for you by tilting it either left or right and cropping the outer edges.


If you want to just snap on a cool filter to give your photos a professional look, the three intertwined circles at the bottom of your screen will let you try out a variety of filters. You can select Dramatic Cool, Noir, Vivid, and more.

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Boosting Your Photos to Another Level

Although you can’t add different layers to your photos like you would with Photoshop, you can still use a variety of nice editing features on your iPhone to boost your photos to another level. The features are fun and can turn a bland photo into one that’s eye-catching. Just don’t forget to have your iPhone 14 Plus case from Pela attached when you’re snapping away!