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Introducing Canopy

The world's first ZERO WASTE screen protector

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How does the science work?

The active ingredient fills in the existing pores of the glass. It hardens within a minute to form a very thin, very strong layer of glass on the surface. It’s highly evolved science where the liquid is engineered to covalently bond only with glass and no other surface (so it won’t bother your skin or any other part of the device :)

What’s Canopy made of?

5% active ingredient, 95% ethanol (which can be derived from corn, sugarcane, wood, etc.).

How do I apply it?

1. Wipe device screen clean

2. Pour 1/3 of Canopy onto a cloth

3. Wipe screen with wet cloth for 30 seconds, be sure to get all glass areas but do your best to avoid speakers and port holes! 

4. Wait 2 minutes

5. Wipe off any excess product with a dry cloth

6. Your screen protector is now on!

  • Pro Tip: You won't see anything on the screen as the liquid fuses on a molecular level (bonds covalently) to the glass. We recommend reapplying Canopy every 12 months :)

How do you remove it?

You don’t! Canopy is a liquid that fuses with the molecular structure of glass and creates a thin, invisible shield.

Will it work on previously cracked screens?

No, do not apply Canopy to a cracked screen. This can cause damage to your phone that is non-reparable and we do not offer a warranty in this case.

How long does it last?

It will last the lifetime of your device but Canopy will wear with day to day use so we recommend re-applying every 8-12 months to keep the screen strong.

Do your screen protectors work on curved screens?

Yes it does! The liquid can be applied anywhere :)

Can I use canopy on other devices?

Yes you can! Anything with glass can be reinforced with Canopy. iPads, watches, etc - Canopy will work with them all! 
Note: When applied to other devices, the warranty will not be valid. Warranty is only valid on mobile devices that are protected with a Pela case.

Will Canopy damage the home button/speaker?

No! Since the mixture is 95% ethanol, the liquid evaporates quickly and will not damage other components on your device

Will it change the resolution of my device/screen?

No! Since Canopy is invisible upon application, it won’t hinder the resolution of device/screen

What if my screen cracks or breaks while using Canopy?

We offer a Screen Protection Guarantee so if your front device screen does break, we’ll pay for the repairs up to $500 USD :)

Is it real?

Yes! It’s not magic or snake oil - Canopy is made using simple, clean science and scientific principles to create a strong, invisible barrier on your device screen :)

Will the liquid discolor like a resin might?

No - Canopy is a colourless liquid that won't cause your screen to discolour or create a haze over top of it

Does it need to be applied precisely?

You just need to ensure that the entire screen has had the liquid applied to it.

Can I use it over my current screen protector?

Canopy is not meant to be applied over removable screen protectors - it’s meant to applied directly onto your device screen :)

Will it void my warranty?

No, it won’t :)

Is the packaging sustainable?

Yes! The glass vial can be up-cycled or recycled and the cork is sourced from sustainable sources :)

Can I apply it to the back of my phone or the camera?

Yes absolutely! However, we do not cover these parts in our screen protection guarantee.

How can I store canopy between uses?

Store in a cool, dry place with the cork tightly in the bottle to prevent evaporation.