Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

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When it comes to phone cases, sustainable has never been more attainable. Case in point: The first compostable Samsung Galaxy S8 case, exclusively from Pela. We make our cases from advanced plant-based materials that break down in a normal compost, with no toxic residues left behind. Compare that to the millions of plastic phone cases that now live permanently in landfills and waterways and you’ll see why Pela offers something better.

Our Galaxy S8 cases are way more than just green, though. They’re tough, stylish and practical. Pela’s philosophy is to give you a strong Samsung Galaxy S8 phone case that offers robust drop protection and an easy-to-grip texture because that means fewer dropped and broken phones. Safer devices means fewer devices thrown away, which means less electronic waste in our world. 

Those are the kinds of simple but deeply important considerations that are key to protecting our environment. It’s time to discover a new kind of Samsung Galaxy S8 cases — ones that are built to protect both your phone and the planet. Click any of our models to discover our full range of Samsung Galaxy S8 phone cases from Pela, available in a variety of vibrant colors inspired by nature’s beauty.