Plastic Free July
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Plastic Free July

Three phone cases

Pela Pride - Behind the Artists

Here at Pela, we believe that our phone cases can be an empowering medium in support of people AND the planet. The art featured on our plant-based cases is intentionally curated and beautifully designed. We want to share the stories of the artists behind our collections with you! 

This Pride, we're honoring the LGBTQIA2S+ community, who have always been at the forefront of intersectional environmentalism with our latest collection. 


1. Noelle (they/them/theirs)

Noelle image

Design | GLOW

What was the inspiration behind your case?

Noelle is constantly inspired by the unique landscapes of Interior BC and the sheer wonder that arises from immersing oneself in the experience. Their design encompasses the simple acceptance, positivity, and peacefulness of being in nature, highlighted by the aurora borealis as a reminder to glow brightly where you are and for who you are. "My designs are intended to bring a feeling of levity and joy to all.”

A hand holding a phone

How will you celebrate Pride this year?

I will be celebrating Pride locally this year, taking part in both the Trans Pride March as well as the general Pride March in Kelowna, BC, while in the company of my two loving partners and my dear friends - some of which are in the queer community and are some are supportive allies.

Why is Pride important to you?

Pride is the ability to fully exist without limitations placed on whom and how to love. “Pride is all-encompassing, all-inclusive, and has an impact on every part of our lives.". It is vital that we take the time to acknowledge the beginning of Pride being a protest, to put a spotlight on places where the struggle to freely exist is still at the forefront, and support organizations that are working diligently to help those impacted by these places. 

Do you have any advice for how an ally can best support Pride?: 

Simply said: put your money where your mouth is. Take this time to choose to have your monetary support benefit the queer community. Highlight queer artists and organizations. Educate yourself and those around you on queer issues, why Pride as a protest is still valid and necessary, do the selfwork to understand and gain empathy for the existing struggles, and use your own priviledge to uplift the queer voices and issues. 

Follow Noelle at @noelle_artworks 

2. Amelia She/They


Design | BLOOM

What was the inspiration behind your case?

Growing up I felt a lot of pressure to be a feminine woman and as hard as I tried it never felt truly authentic. I always struggled with the balance of my two sides, one hyper masculine and one hyper feminine. Throughout these internal battles I was lucky enough to be able to cis/het pass and our Trans brothers and sisters do not get the same privileges but they feel just as much if not more restricted to their 3D body, I can imagine a whole lot more. They experience violence and hate speech very frequently, we need to protect the community and the youth through education in order to release the stigmas.

Amelia bloom

How will you celebrate Pride this year? 

With my best girl friends most likely in Vancouver.

Why is Pride important to you? 

Pride is important to me because it made me truly feel supported and loved for who I am. 

Do you have any advice for how an ally can best support Pride? 

Educate yourself within the LGBTQ+ community, get involved in queer events, support small businesses ran by individuals in the community.

Follow Amelia at @ame.archives


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