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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

How to Remove Moisture from Your Phone

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
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If you’ve ever got caught in the rain or accidentally spilled coffee on your smartphone, put that bag of rice away. Here are the real tips and tricks for removing moisture from your phone.


Cleaning Your Phone Screen

First things first: Take a look at the state of your screen. See if you need to clean your phone screen from any other liquid or debris before you dry it. If there’s a liquid screen protector on your phone, you’ll need to remove both the case and the screen protector from your phone. Then, follow the tips and tricks below for drying your phone, including what to do and what not to do.

Taking Off the Phone Case

To best allow your phone to dry properly, you’ll need to take off the phone case. Learn how to take off a phone case without damaging your phone or the case any further. Wash your hands first before handling your phone and the case. Hold your phone with both hands, using your thumb to pop off the case at the top right corner. Peel off the rest of the case gently.

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Put the Rice Away

It’s true that desiccant materials like rice can attract and absorb moisture. That’s why it’s been so common to advise people to put wet phones in a container of uncooked rice — but don’t do that. Small and dry rice grains can get into your phone’s ports and cause further damage, like getting stuck in them. When your phone is wet, those rice grains will soak up the water, expand and likely get lodged inside your phone. Instead, if you have silica gel packs from clothing like jackets or shoe boxes, use those to help dry your phone.

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Preventative Measures

According to Apple, liquid damage is not covered under the iPhone warranty, so it’s in your best interest to keep your phone protected with a phone case. Other preventative measures you can take include avoiding swimming with your iPhone, using it in a sauna or steam room and exposing it to high-velocity water, such as surfing and jet skiing.

Things to Do When Removing Moisture from Your Phone

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Remove anything that’s attached to your phone, like a charger, phone case or headphones. Remove the SIM card and leave any ports alone to air dry. Dry off your phone with a towel. Then, put your phone in an airtight container with silica gel packs. Let it dry for about 24-48 hours.

What NOT to Do When Removing Moisture from Your Phone

It may be tempting to dismantle your phone and do a DIY fix, but don’t. Dismantling your phone will not only void its warranty, but you may also accidentally further damage your phone beyond repair. Don’t press any buttons or attempt to see if it still works. Putting pressure on any keys or buttons can shift liquid further to where it shouldn’t be. Instead, just turn off your phone.

Phone Case Wet and Beyond Repair? Consider Getting a New Phone Case

Whether your Samsung Galaxy S22 or Apple iPhone 13 is exposed to a torrential downpour or that spilled second cup of coffee, stay covered with a stylish and sustainable phone case from Pela. Our phone cases are soft to the touch, without compromising protection. When you’re ready to update your phone, just toss your old phone case into your compost and let nature do the rest!