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Can You Guess What These Are Made With?

Can You Guess What These Are Made With?

1. Hint: This packaging should be called...portabella (pretty & portable) and is home compostable! (all answers at the bottom)

Mycofoam - Mushroom Packaging

2. Hint: These gorgeous fashion accessories are even trendier than you think...

Pinatex - Pineapple Leather

3. Hint: These spoons pack an extra crunch!

Bakey's Edible Spoons Made with Millet

4. Hint: One person's sushi is another person's living room art...
ChopValue - Recycled Bamboo Chopstic Shelving and Art
5. Hint: This DIY project would be perfect for the Disco-co :) 

Coconut Shell Lantern

6. Hint: You can actually LEAVE this plate behind and it will be gone in 28 days!

Plate made with Leaves
    1. That's right, this packaging is called MycoFoam made of mushrooms! It's competitively priced to fabricated plastic foams and can be custom designed to fit any product. Find out more about this innovative packaging solution here.

    1. Everywhere you turn, pineapples are all the craze...but have you heard of Piñatex? This natural and sustainable non-woven textile is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves that has a look and feel similar to leather—which is why many are calling it the new vegan leather! The manufacturing of this new textile provides additional income for farmers and more jobs for pineapple growing countries. Watch the process of making this innovative textile here.

    1. With countries like France banning plastic cups, plates & cutlery and more and more people in search of biobased solutions, India's Bakey's has developed grain-based edible spoons. They come in different flavours and have a shelf life of 3 years! Watch a video about Bakey's edible spoons here.

    1. Do you ever think about what happens to all those single-use chopsticks used for sushi and noodles every day? Well ChopValue in Vancouver doesn't want to see these disposable bamboo chopsticks in our landfills and have created a cool process to recycle and reuse them into beautiful pieces giving these chopsticks a second life.

    1. Follow this step by step tutorial to turn an empty coconut shell into a beautiful lantern. This one is filled with multicolour lights for a gorgeous effect but how about these single light coconut masterpieces?! Check out this Pinterest that has 1000+ products made from coconut shells.

    1. Yes, that was a bad pun and yes, these plates are 100% made from leaves. There vision was to create outdoor tableware that's as renewable and biodegradable as a leaf falling from a tree. Contemporist has a great write up on the details of leaf republic, the team behind these innovative and earth-friendly plates—that are also waterproof! They really thought of everything.

Conclusion? Plants + Creative Thinking = sustainable and earth-friendly plastic alternatives that are as functional and as beautiful as their plastic counterparts.

Pela Case Made With Flax Waste
Pela Case is a 100% compostable iPhone case made out of plant-based biopolymer, recycled materials and flax straw fibre, a waste byproduct of the oilseed harvest. Our cases provide amazing protection for your phone, are NSF tested to be BPA-free and contains no lead, cadmium or phthalates. We ship in zero-plastic packaging for free, anywhere in the world. Shop HERE.

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