Google Pixel 3a Case

End of Results

A sustainably produced Google Pixel 3A case that’s actually compostable? It’s not too good to be true — it’s the Pixel 3A case from Pela. We craft our cases from a unique blend of plant-based materials that break down in standard composts, which means fewer nasty chemicals leaching into the water supply and one less cheap plastic phone case headed to a giant oceanic garbage patch.

You don’t just want a sustainable phone case, of course. Our cases for Pixel 3A are also built to be comfortable to use and keep your phone safe while taking it easy on the Earth. The soft and pleasantly grippy texture of Pela’s Google Pixel 3A case feels great in your hand, and the durable construction gives you excellent drop protection. That’s another part of our plan: Creating great cases that help people take care of their devices so they can replace them less often and reduce the amount of electronic waste on our planet. 

The world is in an unprecedented time for sustainable tech and accessories, and in this critical moment, Pela is proud to offer a Google Pixel 3A case that’s compostable, sustainable and just downright lovable. Click and explore every Pixel 3A case that we offer, including our many vibrant colors and premium hand-engraved phone case designs.